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Black Women Quotes + Their Meanings/Explanations

Black women have always played a significant role in shaping our world, yet their contributions are often overlooked or undervalued. One way to amplify their voices and acknowledge their importance is through the use of black women quotes. These powerful words are not only inspiring but also provide insight into the experiences and struggles of black women.

The influence of black women quotes can be seen throughout history. From Sojourner Truth's famous "Ain't I a Woman?" speech to Maya Angelou's iconic "Still I Rise" poem, these quotes have inspired generations and continue to resonate with people today. They reflect the strength, resilience, and wisdom that black women possess despite facing numerous obstacles.

Furthermore, black women quotes provide representation for a group that has been historically marginalized in society.

Below are various black women quotes with their meanings/explanations;

Black Women Quotes + Their Meanings/Explanations

“A true diva is graceful, and talented, and strong, and fearless and brave and someone with humility.” - Beyoncé Knowles

There is no one definition of what a diva is, but for most people, it is someone who is graceful, talented, strong, fearless, and brave. Divas are often known for their humility as well- they know that they are just people who happen to have some extraordinary qualities.

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.” - Michelle Obama

Most people would agree that our list of priorities needs to be updated. Too often, we place ourselves lower on the list than things like work or family. We should do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own to-do list.

“You can fall, but you can rise also.” – Angelique Kidjo

There is a certain power in falling. It can awaken us to our potential and motivate us to do better. Falling often forces us to confront our fears and shortcomings, and it can help us grow as individuals and as a community. "When you stand up after being knocked down, you are greater than before." Despite our challenges and setbacks, we can always rise again if we persevere.

“You are on the eve of a complete victory. You can’t go wrong. The world is behind you.” – Josephine Baker

This may seem like a clichéd statement, but it's true: you are on the eve of a complete victory. You can't go wrong. The world is behind you. All the pieces are in place. You just have to stay focused and execute your plan perfectly.

Black Women Quotes + Their Meanings/Explanations

“If women want any rights more than they got, why don’t they just take them, and not be talking about it.” - Sojourner Truth

If women want any rights more than they currently have, they should just take them and not be talking about it. After all, what good is it to talk about something if you don’t actually want it? If women really want equality, they need to start taking action and demanding change. Women have made great strides in recent years, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

“Be not discouraged black women of the world, but push forward, regardless of the lack of appreciation shown you.” – Amy Jacques-Garvey

Despite the lack of appreciation shown to black women, there are still many who push forward and refuse to be discouraged. The fight for equality is a long one, but black women have always been at the forefront of it. Despite the challenges they face, they continue to strive for equality and recognition. While progress has been slow, it is still being made.

“If you prioritize yourself, you are going to save yourself.” – Gabrielle Union

If you prioritize yourself, you will save yourself time, money, and energy. People who put their own needs first are more likely to be successful in life. They are also more likely to be happy. If you prioritize your own needs, you can make better decisions and achieve your goals.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” - Audre Lorde

Self-care is often seen as something that is indulgent and selfish, but in reality, it is an essential part of a healthy life. Too often we put our own needs last, which can lead to health problems and even death. Caring for ourselves is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.

Black Women Quotes + Their Meanings/Explanations

“The voice of a Black woman should always be HERSELF… No edits – no erasure – no pressure – no expectations – no additions – no intruders.” – Malebo Sephodi

In today's society, it is more important than ever for Black women to be their authentic selves. Too often we are pressured to act in a way that is not true to ourselves, and our voices are drowned out by those who feel they have the right to tell us what to do. But it is up to each and every one of us to make sure that our voices are heard.

“Black skin was filled with so many barriers, so many restrictions, so many.” – Randi Pink

Black skin was filled with so many barriers, so many restrictions, and so many expectations that it was difficult for people of African descent to live up to. This led to a feeling of alienation and a lack of self-confidence. African Americans were often seen as inferior to white people and were not given the same opportunities.

“When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are.” - Oprah Winfrey

There are countless people all over the world who do amazing things that go largely unnoticed. It can be hard to stand out when so many people are doing similar things, but it's important to remember that you're not alone. If you're passionate about something, and you put your all into it, the world will recognize that and appreciate your efforts. There are many quiet heroes out there, and if you're one of them, keep doing what you're doing.

“Your willingness to look at your darkness is what empowers you to change.”- Iyanla Vanzant

If you're willing to look at your darkness, you empower yourself to change. It's not easy, but it's what will get you through the tough times. Look at your problems and figure out how to solve them. If you don't try, you'll never know whether or not you could have succeeded. Believe in yourself and don't give up on your dreams.

“And anything I have accomplished, I did so not in spite of being a black woman, but because I am a black woman.” – Gabrielle Union

There is an often-repeated, but false, belief that black women are somehow less capable than their white counterparts. This idea has been perpetuated for centuries by people who have sought to justify their own prejudices and discrimination against us. In spite of these negative stereotypes, black women have continuously pushed forward and achieved greatness in every field of endeavor. Our accomplishments reflect our intelligence, creativity, and tenacity - qualities that are just as strong in black women as they are in any other person.

“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.” - Shirley Chisholm

In order to make progress in life, it is important to be proactive and not just reactive. Too often, we let our emotions get the best of us and allow ourselves to wallow in negative thoughts. This not only stalls our progress, but can also lead to unhealthy habits that will ultimately impede our success.

“Feminism is a woman’s vehicle to human agency and fully fulfilling her chosen destiny without interruption.” – Fee Scott

Feminism is a woman's vehicle to human agency and fully fulfilling her chosen destiny without interruption. It is an ideology that recognizes the inherent value of women and their unique perspectives, and aims to support women in achieving their fullest potential. Feminism has helped shape a more inclusive society, where women can aspire to any career or lifestyle they choose, free from discrimination or harassment.

“It is so liberating to really know what I want, what truly makes me happy, what I will not tolerate. I have learned that it is no one else’s job to take care of me but me.” – Beyonce Knowles-Carter

In the past, many people believed that they needed someone else to take care of them in order to be happy. They thought that if they couldn't have a partner or family to take care of them, then they would need something else to make them happy. However, nowadays people are starting to learn that it is not necessary for them to have someone else take care of them in order to be happy. They can, in fact, take care of themselves and be happy.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” - Alice Walker

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any. They believe they can't do anything and that no one can help them. They give up because they feel like they're powerless. However, there are ways to gain power and take control of your life. First, you have to realize that you do have power. Second, you have to learn how to use it. Third, you have to be willing to fight for what you want.

“I am a strong woman with or without this other person, with or without this job, and with or without these tight pants.”- Queen Latifah

There is no one correct way to be a strong woman. For some, being strong means carrying around extra weight in order to look like a tougher opponent. For others, being strong means standing up for what they believe in, no matter the cost. And still, others believe that strength comes from within, no matter what external factors are present. Regardless of how someone defines strength, it is clear that being strong does not require anyone else's approval or support.

“Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am.” - Janelle Monáe

We should all be comfortable in our own skin and love ourselves for who we are. We should not be afraid to show our true nature to the world. We should not be ashamed of who we are. We should stand up for what we believe in, even if it makes others uncomfortable.

“Don’t settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had. We need to live the best that’s in us.” – Angela Bassett

The saying "don't settle for average" is something that we should all live by. Average is not good enough. It's time to bring our best to the moment and see what happens. If it fails, at least we know that we tried our best. If it succeeds, then that's even better.

“I did what my conscience told me to do, and you can’t fail if you do that.” - Anita Hill

If you do what your conscience tells you to do, you can't fail. That is the advice of millions of people who have found success by following their moral compass. These people are known as "conscience warriors." They don't let anything stop them from doing what is right, even if it means facing difficult challenges or obstacles.

“When I’m not feeling my best I ask myself, ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me.” - Beyoncé Knowles

It's hard to feel good when we're not feeling our best. But, as Maya Angelou once said, "When you know how to laugh at yourself, you can never be too serious." So, whether we're struggling with a bad mood or simply looking for some motivation to stay on track, self-compassion is key. In fact, research suggests that having a positive self-view is one of the strongest predictors of happiness and well-being.

“Once we recognize what it is we are feeling, once we recognize we can feel deeply, love deeply, can feel joy, then we will demand that all parts of our lives produce that kind of joy.” – Audre Lorde

Love is not just a feeling, it's an action. If we want to feel love deeply, if we want to experience joy, we have to demand that all aspects of our lives bring us that kind of happiness. We have to be willing to work for it, and not take anything for granted. We have to be focused on what we want and know that we can get it. We have to know that we are capable of so much more than we ever thought possible.

“If there’s any definition to being perfect, you’re perfect at being yourself.” - Zendaya

Being yourself is the best definition of being perfect. You never have to try to be someone you're not because everyone has their own personality, quirks, and things they love. Being yourself is the key to happiness, and it's something that everyone can learn.

“I always believed that when you follow your heart or your gut, when you really follow the things that feel great to you, you can never lose, because settling is the worst feeling in the world.” – Rihanna

When you follow your heart or your gut, when you really follow the things that feel great to you, you can never lose. This is because settling is the worst feeling in the world. You'll never be happy if you're always going along with what other people say or what society tells you is supposed to be best for you. Instead, live your life according to what feels good to you, and you'll never regret it.

“Design the life you want to live.” – Rachel Roy

Designing your life is a process that starts with envisioning what you want and then creating a plan to get there. It's one of the most important things you can do to create the life you want. There are many things you can do to help create your dream life, including setting goals, planning and organizing your time, and developing positive habits. With a little bit of effort, you can create the life you've always wanted.

“Be passionate and move forward with gusto every single hour of every single day until you reach your goal.” - Ava DuVernay

Everyone has a different definition of what it means to be successful, but there are some key things that all successful people have in common. They are passionate about their goals, they move forward with gusto every single hour of every single day, and they don’t give up on themselves. These 3 things are the foundation of success, and if you can embrace them, you will be on your way to achieving your dreams.

“Girls of all kinds can be beautiful - from the thin, plus-sized, short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing, and all in between. It’s not easy though because many people still put beauty into a confining, narrow box … Think outside of the box … Pledge that you will look in the mirror and find the unique beauty in you.” – Tyra Banks

Many girls feel that they don't fit into any one category when it comes to beauty. This is why the term "beautiful" cannot be defined, because it's all about perception. There are different types of beautiful, and that includes girls of all sizes, skin colors, hair textures, and personalities. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

“I think the internet forces you to be okay with your mistakes, and the things you’ve done in the past, especially when you’re in the media. Personally, that helps me to stop self-editing or being self-conscious, and instead realize that my previous mistakes have allowed me to grow.” -  Amandla Stenberg

The internet has made it so easy for people to share and connect with each other. It's also made it so that people can see the mistakes that others have made. This can be a good thing, because it helps people learn from their mistakes and become better people. It can also be a bad thing, because it can make people feel embarrassed or like they have to hide their past.

“As a Black Woman, I define self-care as the ability to safely and comfortably exhale.” – Bethanee Epifani

Black women have long been known for their resilient strength and perseverance. This has helped us to persevere through challenging times, but it also means that we often don't take the time for ourselves. Too often, we are focused on doing things "for" others and neglecting our own needs. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression.

“I don’t have to go around trying to save everybody anymore; that’s not my job. ” - Jada Pinkett Smith

In the past, most people saw themselves as obligated to save everyone they came in contact with. But today, there is a shift in how people view their roles in society and the world. In fact, many people are choosing to step back and let others take care of themselves. This is especially true when it comes to matters of self-preservation.

“Deal with yourself as an individual worthy of respect, and make everyone else deal with you the same way. ” – Nikki Giovanni

People often forget that they are individuals deserving of respect. When we allow ourselves to be treated poorly, it not only affects us but also those around us. We need to start dealing with ourselves as individuals who are worthy of respect and make sure everyone else does the same. By doing this, we can create a more positive environment in which to live and work.

“We must reject not only the stereotypes that others hold of us, but also the stereotypes that we hold of ourselves.” - Shirley Chisholm

Stereotypes are harmful because they perpetuate negative views of a group of people. When we hold onto stereotypes about ourselves, we limit our ability to see ourselves accurately. We also limit our ability to understand and empathize with others who are different from us. We need to reject not only the stereotypes that others hold of us, but also the stereotypes that we hold of ourselves.

“Failure is an important part of your growth and developing resilience. Don’t be afraid to fail.” - Michelle Obama

Failure is an important part of your growth and developing resilience. It can be the stepping stone that leads you to success. When you fail, don't be afraid to learn from it. Be open to feedback and use it to improve your skills. Failure can also be a motivator to keep going when things get tough. So, don't be afraid to fail - embrace it!

“It was when I realized I needed to stop trying to be somebody else and be myself, I actually started to own, accept and love what I had.” – Tracee Ellis Ross

In the quote, the speaker is speaking about how they realized that they needed to start being themselves and not try to be someone else. This led them to start accepting and loving what they had. This allowed them to grow in their personal relationships and become more content with themselves.

“The path to your success is not as fixed and inflexible as you think.” - Misty Copeland

There is a popular saying that goes “the path to your success is not as fixed and inflexible as you think.” This truth can be seen in the way people have risen to the top in fields such as business, athletics, or politics. The key to success lies in constantly adapting and evolving one’s skillset, approach, and mindset to stay ahead of the curve.

“Everyone loves Beyonce. If you don’t love Beyonce, we can’t talk.” - Zendaya

Beyonce is one of the most successful and well-known singers in the world. She has won numerous awards, including five Grammy Awards. Her music is popular with both young and old, and her performances are always entertaining. If you haven't heard of Beyonce, there's a good chance that you love her music.

“You are your best thing.” - Toni Morrison

You are your best thing. You have to be the best you can be. Nobody else is going to do it for you. Everything you do, think, or feel is because of you. You have to take responsibility for yourself and your life. There is nobody else who can help you. You have to figure out what you want and go after it with all that you've got.

“People always want to doubt you.” - Zendaya

It's hard to believe, but people always seem to want to doubt you. Whether it's your ability to do a job, your intelligence, or even your sanity, everyone seems to have something they think is better than what you have to offer. It can be really frustrating and make you feel like you're not good enough. But don't let these doubts hold you back. Remember that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

“As a black woman, the decision to love yourself just as you are is a radical act. And I’m as radical as they come.” – Bethanee Epifani J. Bryant

Radical self-love is one of the most revolutionary things you can do for yourself. Loving yourself doesn't mean agreeing with everything about who you are, it means owning your flaws and acknowledging that no one else is ever going to be perfect for you. Loving yourself doesn't mean accepting the status quo or abiding by society's standards - it means standing up for who you are, no matter what people say. Loving yourself takes courage, but it's a journey worth taking.

“I was built this way for a reason, so I’m going to use it.” - Simone Biles

At first glance, people with disabilities may seem like weaker, less able members of society. But that couldn't be further from the truth. People with disabilities have been proven to have strengths and abilities that are just as valuable as anyone else's. They should not be seen as second-class citizens, but embraced and celebrated for their uniqueness.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” - Maya Angelou

 We aspire to be the best we can be, and hope that by doing so, we can make a positive impact on the world around us.

“I don’t think people understand the power of social media or our phones.” - Zendaya

Since the inception of social media, people have been fascinated by its potential to connect people from all walks of life. However, not many people understand the true power of social media or our phones. In fact, some people may not even realize that they are using it every single day. Social media has the ability to connect people from all over the world in an instant, and it can also be used for networking and finding jobs.

“I thrive on obstacles. If I’m told that it can’t be told, then I push harder.” – Issa Rae

 For her, overcoming challenges is what makes life worth living. She doesn’t shy away from difficult tasks or situations, and she continues to push herself even when things seem impossible. Her resilience and determination are inspiring to others, and she has taught many people that success is possible even if the odds seem insurmountable.

“Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself. Be yourself. Imitation is suicide.” – Marva Collins

Self-reliance is the key to happiness. We are all capable of creating our own opportunities and making our own luck. People who trust themselves and think for themselves are more likely to be successful than those who rely on others. They also tend to be happier and have more fulfilling lives. Acting for yourself means taking control of your life and making decisions that are in your best interests. Speaking for yourself means articulating your thoughts, feelings, and opinions clearly and confidently.

“You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.” - Diana Ross

If you want to achieve the golden dream, you have to take the first step. It may seem daunting, but it's not impossible. You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You've got to get out there and make it happen for yourself. Here are some tips to help you start moving forward.

“Freeing yourself was one thing; claiming ownership of that freed self was another.” – Toni Morrison

Claiming ownership of your own life is a tough task. You have to free yourself and accept that you are in charge of your own destiny. It's a process that takes time and patience, but it's worth it in the end.

“There have been so many people who have said to me, ‘You can’t do that,’ but I’ve had an innate belief that they were wrong. Be unwavering and relentless in your approach.” – Halle Berry

Even if it feels impossible at first. With hard work and a bit of luck, anything is possible.

“Helped are those who are content to be themselves; they will never lack mystery in their lives and the joys of self-discovery will be constant.” - Alice Walker

Mystery is an essential part of life, and it's something that everyone seeks. For those who are content to be themselves, they will never lack mystery in their lives and the joys of self-discovery will be constant. That's because these people know that they're not limited by what others expect from them or how they're supposed to act. They're free to be themselves, and that's what makes them special.

“I had to make my own living and my own opportunity. But I made it! Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” - Madam C.J. Walker

If you're thinking about your career, there's a good chance you're sitting on the fence. You don't know which way to jump, and you don't know what to do. You've been told countless times that you need to sit down and wait for the opportunities to come to you, but that's not how it works. You need to get up and make your own opportunities. There are a lot of ways to do this, and there's no one right way.\

“Why limit yourself? I feel like I can do anything.” - Zendaya

There are many people who feel like they can do anything that they set their mind to. They believe that because they have the ability to think critically, they can accomplish anything. However, this mentality can be dangerous because it can lead to self-doubt and a lack of confidence. It is important to have boundaries so that you don't push yourself too hard and end up injuring yourself or compromising your health.

“You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love’s no longer being served.” - Nina Simone

Love can be an amazing experience, but it can also be one of the most frustrating things in life. When it's no longer being served, you have to learn to leave the table. When love is no longer there, it's time to move on. There are many different reasons why a relationship might end, and even if both people are still interested in each other, it's best not to linger around hoping for a revival.

“Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable. I didn’t have to become perfect because I’ve learned throughout my journey that perfection is the enemy of greatness.” – Janelle Monae

Though society may tell us to embrace our flaws and be perfect, it's ultimately up to us what we make of ourselves. What makes us unique is what sets us apart from everyone else. We should embrace this and not try to be someone we're not. If we do this, we'll be able to achieve our goals and be the best versions of ourselves.

“Don’t try to lessen yourself for the world; let the world catch up to you.” - Beyoncé Knowles

There are those who believe that the world is so complex and difficult that only by shrinking themselves down can they truly understand it. These people often put themselves in dangerous or difficult situations in order to learn more about them. This is not the way to go about things. The world will catch up to you if you try to do it on your own. There are many opportunities waiting for you, so don't be afraid to take them.

“You may be amazed that you are still unique and beautiful as your natural self. Only you can decide if this style is for you.” – Monica Millner

Contrary to popular belief, you are the only person who can decide if this style is for you. There is no one else who can dictate what looks good on you, and there is no one else who can make you feel beautiful. What others may perceive as "unique" or "uniquely you" is simply a part of who you are. You are not limited by society's standards of beauty, and you do not have to conform to conventional notions of what makes someone attractive.

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”  – Oprah Winfrey

In life, there are moments when we feel like we're on a tightrope. We're balancing on the brink of something big and unknown, and we have no idea what might happen if we fall. We can feel our palms sweating and our heart racing as we inch closer to the edge. Or, alternatively, we can breathe and let go. Breathe in and out, slowly and steadily. Focus on your breath, nothing else.

“The collective, orchestrated fury of Black women can move the whole world.” - Brittney Cooper

Black women have a unique power that can move the world. They are fearless and unafraid to speak up for what they believe in. Their anger is powerful and their voices are heard. Black women have a long history of fighting for their rights and standing up to injustice, and their collective fury is unmatched.

“I embrace mistakes. They make you who you are.” - Beyoncé Knowles

Mistakes are inevitable in life. You'll make them, and you'll be okay. Embrace them. Mistakes are a part of who you are, and they make you unique. They're also a sign of growth and progress. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, because they'll only make you stronger.

“There’s so much creativity in brokeness. Brokeness will have you making it work.” - Issa Rae

Brokenness can be seen in a variety of ways. For some, it might be seen as a negative state that needs to be fixed. Brokenness, however, can also be seen as a positive state that allows for creativity and new ideas to be formed. Brokenness is a state where something is not functioning the way that it should. This can lead to new ideas and solutions being formed because the existing system is not working the way it should.

“Surely, there’s strength in being dressed for a storm, even when there’s no storm in sight?” – Yaa Gyasi

There's something reassuring about dressing for the storm, even when there's no storm in sight. It can help us to feel better prepared and in control, and to take some of the pressure off when things are chaotic. And while it might not always be true that we get more of what we expect, dressing for the possibility of a storm can actually help to ease our anxiety.

“Am I good enough? Yes I am.” - Michelle Obama

If you're like most people, you've probably asked yourself this question at some point in your life. Maybe you were feeling down about yourself and couldn't figure out why no one wanted to be around you. Maybe someone told you that you weren't good enough, and it left a lasting impression. Or maybe you just had a feeling that no matter what you did, people would find something wrong with you.

“You wanna know what scares people? Success. When you don’t make moves and when you don’t climb up the ladder, everybody loves you because you’re not competition.” – Nicki Minaj

Success intimidates many people. It can be hard to keep up with the Joneses, and it's easy to feel like you're not good enough. But if you want to know what really scares people, look at the statistics on success. When you don't make moves and when you don't climb up the ladder, everybody loves you because you're not competition.

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” - Angela Davis

If you're like most people, you've accepted a certain level of unhappiness in your life. You may have resigned yourself to being a pessimist, or you may have resigned yourself to never feeling happy again. But what if there was a better way? What if you could learn to be content with the things you can't change? Resilience is key in changing your life for the better

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.” - Dr. Mae Jemison

In order to be successful in life, it is important to always be stretching yourself and to not be limited by the imagination of others. You need to have a strong belief in yourself and your own capabilities in order to achieve anything you want. If others don't believe in you and your potential, then there is no way for you to achieve anything. It's important to set high standards for yourself and never let anyone bring you down.

“It’s important for young people to know that they are made the way they are made and they’re beautiful and that’s how they’re supposed to be.” – Raven-Symone

As a young person, it is important to know that you are made the way you are made and you are beautiful. You should embrace all of your quirks, and don't be afraid to show them off. You should also know that you can be whoever you want to be, and there is no one way that is better than any other. You should never let anyone tell you otherwise.

“I don’t have any time to stay up all night worrying about what someone who doesn’t love me has to say about me.” - Viola Davis

It’s a never-ending cycle of anxiety and self-doubt that can really take a toll on your mental and physical health. Especially when the person you think doesn’t care about you is actually just trying to hurt you. So how do we break free from this worrying habit?

“I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.” - Beyoncé Knowles

This quote is often used to describe someone who is confident and self-sufficient. The speaker in this quote is saying that they are not a fan of gambling, but they are willing to bet on themselves. This shows that the speaker is confident and knows what they are capable of.

“Self-esteem means knowing you are the dream.” - Oprah Winfrey

Self-esteem is knowing you are the dream. It's the belief that you are valuable, capable, and deserving of happiness. It's finding your purpose in life and living it passionately. And finally, it's having a positive self-image that allows you to enjoy life irrespective of what others think.

“Life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet.” – Sadie Delany

Life is short. You don’t have a lot of time, and you can’t waste it. You have to make the most of each moment you have. That means taking care of yourself, and enjoying your life. You have to live for today, and not worry about tomorrow. Today is the only day that matters. So make it sweet!

“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.” – Rosa Parks

The mind is a powerful tool. It can be used to conquer fear or it can be used to perpetuate fear. The former is the goal of this article. The latter is the current state of affairs for many people. The mind is made up of thoughts, feelings, and memories. Thoughts are the seeds that grow into feelings and memories. We create our own reality by what we think and feel. The power of the mind is evident when one faces fear head-on.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.” – Oprah Winfrey

Trying to be thankful for what we have can be difficult, but it is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. When we focus on the good in our lives, we tend to find more and more good. This applies to everything from our health to our relationships. Taking the time to be thankful makes us happier and healthier, and often leads to greater happiness and success in life.

“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.” - Ida B. Wells

The principle of turning the light of truth upon wrongs is a fundamental tenet of justice. It is the cornerstone of our legal system, and it is essential to the maintenance of a society that upholds human rights. The truth can set things right by exposing wrongdoing, repairing damage done, and holding those responsible accountable. It can also help prevent future injustices from happening.

“This black woman rocks on a phenomenal level!” – Stephanie Lahart

There’s no denying that black women are some of the most inspiring people on the planet. What they achieve in their fields is nothing short of phenomenal, and oftentimes goes unnoticed. However, there are plenty of black women who are making a name for themselves and proving that anything is possible.

“I’m convinced that we Black women possess a special indestructible strength that allows us to not only get down, but to get up, to get through, and to get over.” - Janet Jackson

African American women have long been seen as strong and resilient. This is not only true within our community, but also within society at large. There are many factors that contribute to our strength, but one of the most important is our amazing family and community support system. We are taught from a young age to be responsible for ourselves and to never give up on our dreams.

“We believe in equality for all, and privileges for none. This is a belief that each American regardless of background has equal standing in the public forum, all of us. Because we believe this idea so firmly, we are an inclusive, rather than an exclusive party. Let everybody come.” – Barbara Jordan

As Americans, we believe in equality for all. That means that everyone has an equal right to be heard and to be treated fairly in the public forum. Our Constitution enshrines this principle, and we take it seriously. We believe that no one – regardless of background – should have privileges that come at the expense of others. This is a belief that has helped make America one of the most successful countries in the world.

“Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you.” - Beyoncé Knowles

It's easy to be healthy and take care of yourself, but sometimes it's hard to find the happiness that comes with being you. You're unique and perfect just the way you are. You don't need to change a thing about yourself in order to be happy. Here are 5 things that will help make you happy: spending time with loved ones, doing something you love, eating healthy foods, taking care of your mental health, and getting enough sleep.

“Power is not given to you. You have to take it.” - Beyoncé Knowles

Power is not given to you. You have to take it. This is something that most people don't understand and oftentimes, they give up too soon. If you want to be successful, then you have to work for it. There is no shortcut to success and if you think there is, then you are mistaken.

“No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you.” –Althea Gibson

No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you along the way. Whether it was your parents, teachers, or mentors, they all helped guide and support you in your endeavors. And while these people may not be around to see your success, their contribution is still felt. So remember to thank everyone who has ever helped you in your life - it'll make all the difference.

“To turn black women into objectified others was to underline their difference; they may be beautiful, but they are of another kind, separate from the dominant understanding of attractiveness.” – Anne Helen Petersen

In the past, black women were often viewed as ugly and inferior to white women. This was based on the idea that white beauty was the standard by which all others were judged. This mentality is still present in some parts of society today. By objectifying black women, society underlines their difference and reinforces the idea that they are not equal to white people. This is harmful both physically and mentally for black women.

“You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.” – Michelle Obama

You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of the world's problems at once, but don't ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown that when people work together, they can make a real difference.

“Learn to be quiet enough to hear the genuine in yourself, so that you can hear it in others.” – Marian Wright Edelman

There are times when we need to be quiet enough to hear the genuine in ourselves, so that we can hear it in others. We may find ourselves overwhelmed with the noise of our own thoughts or the demands of the world. In these moments, it can be helpful to take a step back and listen to what's really important. When we do this, we can better discern the signals our heart is sending us.

“When you put love out in the world it travels, and it can touch people and reach people in ways that we never even expected.” – Laverne Cox

When you put love out in the world, it travels. It can touch people and reach people in ways that we never even expected. The power of love is undeniable. Oftentimes, it's the little things that count the most. Love means being kind, compassionate, and forgiving. It means accepting others for who they are and not trying to change them.

“The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within – strength, courage, dignity.” -Ruby Dee

When it comes to beauty, many people focus on external features such as skin color or size. However, there is another type of beauty that is based on inner qualities. This is the kind of beauty that comes from within - strength, courage, and dignity. These qualities are not always easy to find, but they are worth striving for.

“We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.” –Angela Davis

We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society. In order to build a more just and equal world, we need to liberate both minds and societies. We need to understand how our individual beliefs and behaviors shape the world around us, and work together to create a more equitable society. This starts with the liberation of the minds of individuals, so they can think critically and challenge accepted norms. It also requires liberating society from structures that disadvantage certain groups or perpetuate harmful practices.

“Struggle is a never-ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation.” - Coretta Scott King

In America, we like to think that our democracy is something that is constantly being fought for and won. We are told that we have freedom and liberty, but in reality, these things are never really won. They are earned and won in every generation. This is particularly true when it comes to race. In America, white people still have the privilege of being able to do whatever they want without any repercussions.

“Don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any Happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself.”– Alice Walker

If you want to be happy, it's time to start making yourself happy. Happiness is something that comes from within, so don't wait around for other people to be happy for you. It's up to you to find your own happiness and achieve your goals. You don't have to be someone else's definition of perfect; you can be yourself, and that's what makes you the happiest person in the world.

“Black women were armed, black women were dangerous and the less money they had the deadlier the weapon they choose.” – Toni Morrison

In America, the most deadly weapon a black woman could choose was her own body. Armed with little more than determination and courage, these women faced danger head-on and often paid with their lives. From the early days of the American Revolution to the present day, black women have been at the forefront of many key social movements - including freedom, justice, and equality. Yet despite their valiant efforts, they were often met with hostility and discrimination from society at large.

“There’s always something to suggest that you’ll never be who you wanted to be. Your choice is to take it or keep on moving.” - Phylicia Rashad

 You have the power to choose how you react to the suggestions and whether they limit or motivate your growth. It's important to remember that change is a continuous process, and there's always room for improvement. So don't be afraid to try new things and experiment with different ideas. The results may surprise you.

“I am the essence of magic, its mysteriousness, its beauty and its ability to make things happen when people couldn’t see how!” – Jenaitre Farquharson

The essence of magic is in the eyes of the beholder. It is mysterious, beautiful, and capable of making things happen when people couldn't see how. For some, it is a source of fascination and wonder. For others, it is seen as a dangerous force that should be avoided at all costs. Magic is a term used to describe anything that is unexplained or mysterious. There are many different types of magic and it can be found in all cultures around the world.

“A lot of people don’t realize that hair is a big thing for a lot of people, not just African-American women. It’s something to be aware of and to be cautious of.” - Zendaya

African-American women have long hairstyles and hair colors that are unique to them. It is important for people to be aware of the fact that hair is a big thing for black women, and not just because we have more of it. Our hair can be used as an identifier of who we are, and it can also be a way for us to express ourselves.

“There is no such thing as ugly.” - Zendaya

There is no such thing as ugly. People are just shaped differently and that's okay. In fact, it's beautiful! There are so many different types of beauty and we should all feel comfortable expressing our own uniqueness. We should also embrace our differences and learn to love ourselves for them.

“I believe that telling our stories, first to ourselves and then to one another and the world, is a revolutionary act. It is an act that can be met with hostility, exclusion, and violence. It can also lead to love, understanding, transcendence, and community.” - Janet Mock

In the face of adversity and violence, it is often difficult for people to tell their stories. Telling one's story can be met with hostility, exclusion, and violence. However, telling our stories is a revolutionary act that can change the world. We must continue to tell our stories because they are the foundation of our humanity.

“I’m a Black woman. Empowered, powerful, and greatness.” – Stephanie Lahart

Black women have often been marginalized and undervalued in society. However, there are many who insist that black women are more than just beautiful faces with strong personalities. They are intelligent, powerful, and deserving of respect. These women are the architects of their own destiny and should be proud of what they have accomplished.

“No person has the right to rain on your dreams.” – Marian Wright Edelman

No one has the right to rain on your dreams. You should do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality. Don't let anyone get in the way of your dreams. Push through any obstacles that come your way. Be persistent and never give up. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” - Maya Angelou

Since it is so difficult for most of us to like ourselves, it's no wonder that we don't feel good about our accomplishments. It's even harder to like what we do, since it usually requires a lot of hard work. But the key to success isn't finding something that makes us happy, it's finding something that makes us proud. And the best way to do that is to like ourselves – our quirks, our strengths, and most importantly, our motives.

“It’s hard as a young person of a different ethnicity or background to look at the TV and not see anyone who looks like you. Representation is very important.” - Zendaya

It is hard as a young person of a different ethnicity or background to look at the TV and not see anyone who looks like you. Representation is very important in television, movies, and other forms of media. This is especially important for people of color, who are often underrepresented. It is important for these young people to see themselves represented on television and in other media so that they can have a more accurate image of themselves.

“No matter how far a person can go the horizon is still way beyond you.”- Zora Neale Hurston

No matter how far a person can go, the horizon is still way beyond them. The only limit to what we can achieve is our imagination and willingness to try. In life, there are always new challenges and opportunities waiting for us if we are willing to take them. There are so many things to see and do, and no one can see everything. There are always new people and cultures to experience, and old ones to learn about.

“Remember that we are all human beings trying to do what we love to do.” - Zendaya

One of the most important things we can remember when it comes to our creative endeavors is that we are all human beings trying to do what we love to do. Whether it be writing, painting, or sculpting, each of us has something special to offer the world. We should never forget that and always strive to put our best foot forward.

“When you take care of yourself, you’re a better person for others. When you feel good about yourself, you treat others better.” – Solange Knowles

Self-care is not a luxury, it's an essential ingredient for a thriving life. When you take care of yourself, you're a better person for others. Self-care helps you be more productive and happier. It also makes you more resilient in the face of difficult circumstances. When you feel good about yourself, you treat others better. Self-care takes time, but it's worth it!

“I have standards I don’t plan on lowering for anybody … including myself.” – Zendaya

 This quote helps to reflect the important message that it is important to maintain personal standards and goals no matter who or what is pressuring you to do otherwise.

“I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femaleness and my femininity. And I want to be respected in all of my femaleness because I deserve to be.” - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

These words resonate with many women, as they express what so many of us feel but are afraid to say out loud. We don't want people to think we're weak or abnormal, so we keep quiet and try to fit in with the males.

“Instead of looking at the past, I put myself ahead twenty years and try to look at what I need to do now in order to get there then.” - Diana Ross

In order to succeed in the future, it is important to look at the present and plan for what needs to be done now. By putting ourselves in the shoes of our future selves, we can make better decisions today that will help us reach our goals in the future.

“Rare is the ministry praying that they would be worthy of the giftedness of Black minds and hearts.” – Austin Channing Brown

Ministry leaders are often grateful for the giftedness of Black minds and hearts. Yet, they often pray that God would use them to do more than just minister to their own people. They pray that God would use them to minister to all people, regardless of race. They hope that through their ministry, they can bring about change and reconciliation in the world.

“You’ve just got to follow your own path. You have to trust your heart and you have to listen to the warnings.” - Chaka Khan

The advice given to young people is often misguided. They are told to go to college, get a good job, and live normal lives. But these paths are not the only options. Some people follow their hearts and do what feels right, even if it's not what others expect them to do. There are risks and rewards to following your own path, but the rewards are worth it.

“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.” - Zora Neale Hurston

If you are silent about your pain, they'll kill you and say you enjoyed it. Silence is complicity. It's not just the act of not talking that can get you killed, but also the act of saying too much. Too much can identify you as a target, or make you a liability. Silence allows violence to continue unabated and unchecked. It's time to break the silence.

“One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals.” - Michelle Obama

When you're trying to do something, whether it's reaching for the stars or starting a new business, always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals. Don't listen to what other people tell you is important or what they think is best for you. You know what will make you happy and what will help you achieve your goals. So don't let anyone else get in the way.

“America made us heroines not wives. We hid our ladyness to save our lives.” – Lucille Clifton

In a world where women are largely seen as objects or property, it is refreshing to see stories of women who have fought for their own survival and have not been defined by their gender. These ladies have shown us that there is more to life than traditional roles, and that we are capable of so much more than just being wives and mothers.

“Each person must live their life as a model for others.” – Rosa Parks

Everyone must live their life as a model for others. This is the only way to become a good role model and teach others the right things. First, we must be examples ourselves. We must do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We must be positive and encouraging, not discouraging or negative. Second, we must set an example for our children. If we are living the wrong way, our children will most likely follow suit.

“I’d rather regret the risks that didn’t work out than the chances I didn’t take at all.” – Simone Biles

Many people feel that regret is the worst emotion to experience. However, for some, regret may actually be a good feeling. People who regret taking risks often feel more connected to the world and are more likely to find happiness in life.

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels.” – Maya Angelou

There's something about a young girl who is full of life and ready to take on the world. They're inspiring, and we can all learn from their bravery. We love to see them go out and grab the world by the lapels, and we think you will too.

“A crown, if it hurts us, is not worth wearing.” - Pearl Bailey

Looking at the global trend of people sporting more and more colorful and flashy crowns, one might think that wearing a crown is a sign of prestige and importance. But this isn't always the case. While there are certainly some instances where wearing a crown can be beneficial, for the most part, Crowns can actually be quite harmful. In fact, they often cause pain and discomfort, which is something that many people would rather avoid.

“You will be wounded many times in your life. You’ll make mistakes. Some people will call them failures but I have learned that failure is really God’s way of saying, “Excuse me, you’re moving in the wrong direction.” It’s just an experience, just an experience.” – Oprah Winfrey

You will be wounded many times in your life. You'll make mistakes. Some people will call them failures but failure is really God’s way of saying,  Excuse me, you're moving in the wrong direction. Life is not a race to the finish line, it s a journey where you will make many mistakes and learn from them. So don't be afraid to stumble, because that's how you'll grow.

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey

The people in your life are supposed to lift you higher. Unfortunately, not everyone does that. Sometimes the people around us pull us down instead of helping us reach our goals. If you want to be successful, surround yourself only with people who are going to help you reach your highest potential. These are the people who will push you to be your best and will always have your best interest at heart.

“Sticking with your vision and what you believe in is so, so important.” -  Zendaya

 It's the only way to make sure you're on the right track, and it's the only way to bring your dreams to life. If you don't have a clear vision for yourself, it's hard to find motivation to keep going. But if you do have a strong idea of where you want to go, there's nothing stopping you from achieving it. You just have to stay focused and determined.

“It’s time for you to move, realizing that the thing you are seeking is also seeking you.” - Iyanla Vanzant

In life, there are always opportunities to change. That s why it's important to be proactive in your search for what you want. You don't want to wait until something comes knocking on your door and then realize that it's time to move. It's time for you to start making the necessary changes in your life so that you can finally find what you're looking for.

“No matter where life takes me there will always be someone who’s threatened by it.” -  Franchesca Ramsey

No matter where life takes me, there will always be someone who is threatened by it. Life throws us curve balls that we never expected, and we're constantly on the lookout for the next one. Whether it's a storm in the middle of summer or a tornado in the middle of winter, we can't help but be scared. And yet, despite our fear, we keep going. We face our fears and continue to live our lives.

“She said black women are so special. Few men of any color and even fewer white women can deal with how fabulous we are.” – Maya Angelou

When she was growing up, her mother would tell her how special black women were and she believed it. She still does to this day. Few men of any color and even fewer white women can deal with how fabulous we are. We know our worth and don't need anyone's validation to feel that way. We're strong, versatile, confident, and beautiful without needing to prove it to anyone. We're amazing mothers, wives, sisters, and friends and should be treated as such.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.” - Maya Angelou

Certain moments in life will stay with you for the rest of your days. Whether it's the time you first saw your child or when you finally managed to save someone from a burning building, these are the memories that will stay with you forever. However, there are also moments in life that take your breath away. Whether it's the first time you skydived or when you first saw snowfall, these are the memories that will stay with you forever.

“Sometimes it’s hard being a girl, and it’s hard being black. Being both is like carrying a double load, but you’re not supposed to complain about it. There are so many things you have to remember about how to be.” – Christina Hammonds Reed

Being both a girl and black can be tough. You have to juggle multiple responsibilities and sometimes people just don t understand you. But you shouldn’t complain, because there are so many things that come with being both of these things. For example, you have to be careful about what you say and how you act, because people might not believe you if you say something that's not traditionally "girl" or "black.

“Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.” - Beyoncé Knowles

Your self-worth is determined by you. You don't have to depend on someone telling you who you are. There are many things that make you who you are, and it's up to you to find them. You can do this by trying new things, learning about yourself, and spending time with people who make you feel good.

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