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Sisterhood Quotes + Their Meanings/Explanations

"Sisterhood Quotes" encompasses a collection of powerful and inspiring statements that celebrate the profound bond shared between women. These quotes emphasize the importance of unity, support, and love among sisters, whether biological or chosen.

They serve as reminders of the strength and resilience found in female relationships, showcasing the ability to lift one another up and empower each other. Sisterhood quotes encapsulate the beauty of camaraderie, highlighting the unique and unbreakable connection that exists among women, ultimately inspiring and encouraging women to stand together and create a positive impact in the world.

Below are various sisterhood quotes with their meanings/explanations;

Sisterhood Quotes + Their Meanings/Explanations

“The bond of sisterly love is much tighter than the bond which binds men.” – Dixie Waters

The bond of sisterly love is much tighter than the bond which binds men. This is because sisters are designed to help each other through thick and thin, no matter what. Sisters help each other out when things get tough, and they will always be there to support one another. Sisters are also able to give back to one another, often doing so with a kind word or helpful action. In short, sisters have a much stronger bond than the bond which binds men.

“For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather.” – Christina Rossetti

There is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather. She will always be there to lean on, whether it is through support during a tough time or simply a listening ear. If you can find someone who fits this description, you are guaranteed to have a strong friendship that will last through thick and thin.

“Sisters, as you know, also have a unique relationship. This is the person who has known you your entire life, who should love you and stand by you no matter what, and yet it’s your sister who knows exactly where to drive the knife to hurt you the most.” – Lisa See

Sisters are a unique relationship. They’ve known you for the entirety of your life and should love you unconditionally. However, they can dish out the most hurtful words and make you feel the worst. If you don’t take care of yourself, your sister will do just that.

“There can be no situation in life in which the conversation of my dear sister will not administer some comfort to me.” – Mary Wortley Montagu

Sisters are always there to provide comfort, whether it is through words or actions. Whether you are struggling with a difficult situation or just need someone to talk to, sisters are always there for you.

“I’m proud of her; she’s proud of me. There is no competition animosity, envy, or jealousy. We’re just secure, confident women doing our thing while supporting each other.” – Sabrina Newby

Sisters are a powerful force in the lives of sisters. They support, encourage, and model their own personal strength and independence. They can be proud of each other and support one another through thick and thin. sisters are secure in their own skin, knowing that they have each other to rely on.

“A sister is the second mother to her brother and a brother is a second father to her sister.” – J. Tisa

Sisters are second mothers to their brothers and brothers a second fathers to their sisters. They provide emotional support and help look out for each other during difficult times.

“No matter where we come from, there is one language we can all speak and understand from birth, the language of the heart, love.” – Imania Margria

There is no question that the language of the heart is the language of love. From the moment we are born, we are born into a world where our hearts are open and we communicate with others in this special language. This language is simple and direct, and it is what we use to communicate our feelings and desires. No matter where we come from or how long we have been living in this world, the language of the heart will always be ours.

“The good news is when we are in full-on sisterhood, women are the most powerful, political force in America.” – Cecile Richards

There's no question that sisterhood is one of the most powerful things women have in their arsenal. It drives us together to make a difference, and it teaches us what we can achieve when we work together. When we are in full-on sisterhood, women are the most powerful political force in the world.

Sisterhood Quotes + Their Meanings/Explanations

“A sister is both your mirror and your opposite.” – Elizabeth Fishel

Sisters are the closest thing to family you will ever have, and they can be the biggest rival you know. They can also be the most important person in your life. A sister is both your mirror and your opposite. She can give you advice on how to get through life, but she can also dish out criticism at the same time. A sister is always there for you, no matter what.

“Sisters are reliably good for two things: hating and loving.” – Jessica Knoll

Sisters are reliable and good for two things, hating and loving. They can be counted on to have strong opinions and to never back down from a fight. They are also usually the best thing that someone has in their life.

“You can kid the world, but not your sister.” – Charlotte Gray

When it comes to relationships, sisters are always there for each other. Whether it’s sharing a laugh or crying together, sisters are always there to support each other. But when it comes to parenting, sometimes sisters can differ on what is best for their brother or sister. In some cases, the siblings may be in agreement, but in others the sibling may not agree.

“Women instinctually know how to nourish each other, and just being with each other is restorative.” – Tanja Taaljard

There's something about being around other women that restores our sense of purpose and focus. It's like we all have a certain code of conduct that dictates how we should behave, and when we break it, it feels like a huge betrayal. But what we don't realize is that this code of conduct is based on instinctive knowledge—our own intuition. We instinctively know how to feed each other and give each other support.

“I believe in women uplifting other women.” – C. JoyBell C.

There is something so empowering and satisfying about helping others succeed. Whether it’s lending a listening ear, lending a hand, or simply spreading love, women throughout history have lifted each other up. From powerful leaders to everyday women, we believe in Women uplifting other women. We know that when everyone participates in their own power, anything is possible. So let’s go forth and lift each other up!

“You keep your past by having sisters. As you get older, they’re the only ones who don’t get bored if you talk about your memories.” – Deborah Moggach

As you get older, your sisters will be the only ones who will keep in touch with your past. They will be happy to hear about your memories and what you have been up to. By having sisters, you can share old memories and laugh together.

“Sweet, crazy conversations full of half sentences, daydreams and misunderstandings more thrilling than understanding could ever be.” – Toni Morrison

It's not always easy to understand what someone is trying to say, especially when they're speaking in an unfamiliar language. But that's what makes co-workers and friends so entertaining and entertaining conversation. Sometimes the half sentences, daydreams and misunderstandings are more exciting than understanding what was said.

“Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.” – Carol Saline

Sisters are a valuable resource in a chaotic world. They are there for each other when things get rough and can provide support when needed. This safety net is essential in a world where people are often dependent on others.

Sisterhood Quotes + Their Meanings/Explanations

“There is space within sisterhood for likeness and difference, for the subtle differences that challenge and delight; there is space for disappointment-and surprise.” – Christine Downing

Sisterhood is a powerful force, one that can help connect people. It can be supportive and welcoming, or it can be limiting and frustrating. Despite the differences that sisters might face, there is space within sisterhood for likeness and difference. This is why sisterhood can be so rewarding-it allows us to see ourselves as individuals with strengths and weaknesses, to explore our potential and to feel connected to others.

“Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine.” – Leigh Bardugo

Sisters in battle are a powerful tool for a fighting force. They can provide support and cover, while also wielding their own weapons to protect their sisters. In today's world, sisters in battle are needed more than ever.

“I consider myself very lucky to have a sister who is also my best friend, critic and guardian.” - Ishita Dutta

Your sister is an amazing person, both in and out of the family. She is your best friend, critic and guardian. She has always been there for you, no matter what and she will always be there for you. You are lucky to have her by your side.

“Never hold resentments for the person who tells you what you need to hear; count them among your truest, most caring, and valuable friends.” – Mike Norton

People are often the best sources of information, and it’s important to listen to them. If you have a friend who tells you what you need to hear, count them among your truest, most caring, and valuable friends. They may be blunt with you, but they will always try their best to put your best interest first.

“Feminism is a political practice of fighting male supremacy on behalf of women as a class, including all the women you don’t like, including all the women you don’t want to be around, including all the women who used to be your best friends whom you don’t want anything to do with anymore. It doesn’t matter who the individual women are.” – Andrea Dworkin

Feminism is a political practice of fighting male supremacy on behalf of women as a class, including all the women you don t like, including all the women you don t want to be around, including all the women who used to be your best friends whom you don t want anything to do with anymore. It doesn't matter who the individual women are.

“The bittersweet about truth is that nothing could be more hurtful, yet nothing could be more helpful.” – Mike Norton

The truth is that it can be incredibly hurtful to have to face up to the truth. However, facing up to the truth can be incredibly helpful in helping us grow and learn. With time, we can develop a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

“Bond is stronger than blood. The family grows stronger by bond.” – Itohan Eghide

Bond is stronger than blood, and sometimes it can be more important. When one family has a strong bond, they are able to help each other out when times are tough. This helps to build a positive relationship and makes life easier for everyone. Bonding is something that is essential in any family, and the bond between brothers and sisters is no exception.

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.” – Amy Li

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there for you. Sisters are the best type of friends because they're always there for each other, no matter what. They understand each other better than anyone else and can always help out when needed. Having a sister is definitely one of the coolest things in life!

“Because there’s one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood.” – Robin Benway

There is something stronger than magic when it comes to sisterhood. sistership is founded on a shared understanding and appreciation of the same things, be they family, friends, or culture. It's a bond that can be difficult to break, no matter how powerful the magic might be.

“No life’s worth more than any other, no sister worth less than any brother.” - Michael Franti

Many people believe that life is more important than any other thing. They may be right, but there are some things in life that are just as important as others. Sisters and brothers are some of these things. Sisters can give their brother or sister a helping hand, and brothers and sisters can help each other out when we need it. The two groups have been known to work together for the good of society, and there are many good reasons for this.

“My major influence was my ten years older sister.” - Willa Ford

In many ways, one's major influence can be her ten-year-old older sister. She is the person that one can tell their stories to and learn from. She has the experience and knowledge that one needs to be successful. Plus, she is always there to help out- even if it is just lending a listening ear or a few words of advice.

“Any woman who chooses to behave like a full human being should be warned that the armies of the status quo will treat her as something of a dirty joke. That’s their natural and first weapon. She will need her sisterhood.” – Gloria Steinem

There is something fundamentally wrong with a woman who behaves like a human being. The status quo will treat her as something of a dirty joke, and she will need her sisterhood to help her out. If she wants to survive in the world, she will need to learn to act like one.

“Sisterhood is a funny thing. It’s easy to recognize, but hard to define.” – Pearl Cleage

Sisterhood is a funny thing because it can be easy to recognize, but hard to define. It can be found in relationships between women and sisters, as well as the sisterhood itself. Sisterhood can be strong, loving, and supportive; or it can be feeble, caring, and supportive. It is an important part of many women's lives; and it is something that many sisters find enjoyable.

“Sisterly love is, of all sentiments, the most abstract. Nature does not grant it any functions.” – Ugo Betti

Sisterly love is one of the most abstract sentiments that nature provides. It is often times difficult to define, especially when it comes to those who share a sisterly bond. Sisterly love is often a feeling of strong affection and support that can be felt between sisters. It is often times difficult to express, as it can be more so in a physical form. However, it is one of the most powerful emotions that nature has to offer.

“Sisters share a bond unlike any other – thornier, but also tender, full of possibility.”- Joy McCullough

Every sister has her own unique gifts and quirks, but there's something about sisters that is so special. They share a bond unlike any other, full of potential and promise. Despite their differences, sisters are always there to support each other, no matter what. They're a force for good in the world and their bond is something to behold.

“’All women are brothers,’ Burley Coulter used to say, and then look at you with a dead sober look as if he didn’t know why you thought that was funny. But, as usual, he was telling the truth. Or part of it.” – Wendell Berry

All women are brothers, Burley Coulter used to say. And then look at you with a dead sober look as if he didn't know why you thought that was funny. But, as usual, he was telling the truth. Or part of it. In many ways, all women are just like our fathers and our husbands- we have the same blood flowing through us. We all share some of the same values and we all have some of the same emotions.

“Maybe the truth is, there’s a little bit of loser in all of us. Being happy isn’t having everything in your life be perfect. Maybe it’s about stringing together all the little things.” – Ann Brashares

People often say that success is a destination, not a journey. But what if being successful is more of a result of taking small steps and working hard than you realize? Successful people know how to balance their work with their personal lives, and they know that there is a little bit of a loser in all of us. Successful people are able to find joy in the little things, even when they don’t have everything in their life perfect.

“For some reason, I have better luck when I work with women. I guess I have a good sense of sisterhood.” – Dolly Parton

There is something about working with women that just seems to work for some people. Whether it’s the way they are quick to get along with everyone, their ease of communication or simply their casual attitude towards life, those who work with women tend to have better luck than those who don’t. In fact, it seems like some sort of sisterhood or peer group exists within these workplaces, which can lead to positive reinforcement and growth.

“And listen to me love, when a woman risks her place, her very life to speak a truth the world despises? Believe her. Always.” – Joy McCullough

When a woman risks her place, her very life to speak a truth the world despises, it's an honor and a privilege to do so. Her voice must be heard, and she must be willing to take on whatever challenges come along with it. For that reason, many women find their courage when it comes to speaking out against the system. What they don't understand is that this takes risk.

“I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness.” – Emily Dickinson

The quote about how we'd like more sisters, and how the taking out of one might not leave such stillness. There are many reasons why having more sisters would be a good thing, but we want to explore what those reasons might be. It's important to remember that not every sister is going to be perfect, and taking out one might not leave such a gaping hole in the community.

“There’s nobody in the world that knows me better than my sister.” - Tia Mowry

There is nobody in the world who knows you better than your sister. She has been your best friend since you were children and they have always been close. Despite the fact that she is very different from you, she has something special about her that makes her understand you better than anyone else.

“Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister?” – Alice Walker

Sisters provide solace in a way that few other people can. They share similar experiences, and often have mutual empathy. This empathy is what allows sisters to provide solace to each other. When an individual is in pain, they look for someone who shares their experience, and sisters are typically that person. The closeness and shared experiences among sisters create a sense of security that few other people can offer.

“Sweet is the voice of a sister in the season of sorrow.” – Benjamin Disraeli

In the season of sorrow, sweet is the voice of a sister. Sweet often speaks directly to the heart, telling stories of love and loss. This natural gesture can be soothing to the soul, providing comfort during difficult times.

“Sisterhood means if you happen to be in Burma and I happen to be in San Diego and I’m married to someone who is very jealous and you’re married to somebody who is very possessive, if you call me in the middle of the night, I have to come.” – Maya Angelou

Sisterhood is a term used to describe the brotherhood between sisters. If one sister happens to be living in Burma and another sister is living in San Diego, then they are both considered sisters in the sense that they are married to someone who is very jealous and possessive of their sister. If either sister happens to call them at night, they are required to come back home.

“Sisters annoy, interfere, criticize. Indulge in monumental sulks, in huffs, in snide remarks. Borrow. Break. Monopolize the bathroom. Are always underfoot. But if a catastrophe should strike, sisters are there. Defending you against all comers.” – Pam Brown

sisters can be annoying, interfering, critical, and even destructive. If something goes wrong and sisters are around, they are usually there to help out. However, sometimes they can be a little too much- especially if things go wrong. So if you want to keep your sister happy, give her some space and let her work on her own problems.

“As I grew up, one of my strongest allies has been my sister.” - Patti Smith

The sisters have been a strong ally to us throughout our lives. Our sisters have helped us through thick and thin, and have always been there for us. They have helped us learn about the world, and about ourselves. They have also been a great support system for us as we grow older.

“Participating in a sisterhood with other women is hugely important in my life and a source of joy.” – Christy Turlington

If you're someone who loves spending time with friends, family, and others in a supportive environment, then sisterhood is an important part of your life. It can be a source of joy to join groups and connect with other women, whether through conversation or activism. And for some it can be the perfect way to learn more about their own emotions and those around them.

“Sisterhood is important to me.” – Cheryl Cole

Sisters are important to us because they are a support system. They help us through our tough times, and they make us feel like we're part of something larger than ourselves. sisters can be difficult some times, but they always put their love and support behind you.

“There is no place for secrets in sisterhood.” – Erin Forbes

There is no place for secrets in sisterhood. We are all meant to be honest with one another, and to share our feelings. Secrets are detrimental to both our relationships and our individual growth. They prevent us from being open and honest with one another, and from developing strong bonds that will last a lifetime.

“We hang out, we help one another, we tell one another our worst fears and biggest secrets, and then just like real sisters, we listen and don’t judge.” – Adriana Trigiani

Sisters are a special breed, and there is nobody like them when it comes to helping each other out. They often share their biggest fears and secrets with one another, and then just like real sisters, they listen and don't judge. In fact, sisters can be some of the best sources of support and advice. They can give you tips on how to cope with different situations, or they can talk about their most personal experiences.

“My first job is big sister and I take that very seriously.” - Venus Williams

Being a big sister is definitely a job that many women take very seriously. Not only do they have to provide emotional support for their siblings, but also help with household tasks and common activities. Big sisters often have a lot of influence on their siblings and can be a great role model.

“There’s something different when a woman does you wrong. We’re supposed to be here for each other!” – Kyle Labe

When a woman does something wrong, it can feel like she's taking advantage of you. She may say things that hurt your feelings, or do things that make you feel uncomfortable. In some cases, the woman may even be trying to control you and your life. But there's something different when a woman does you wrong. You're supposed to be here for each other, and instead she's taking advantage of the trust we've built.

“Love is what makes the world go around. I know it’s a big cliché to use, but it is the absolute truth. There is nothing else like it. I know that is what everybody is striving to feel: in relationships, in brother- and sisterhood, and in all of the things that we aspire to have in our lives.” – Gladys Knight

Love is what makes the world go around. We know it’s a cliché, but it’s the truth. There is nothing else like it. We know that if we find love, we can achieve anything we want in our lives.

“Women are going to form a chain, a greater sisterhood than the world has ever known.” – Nellie McClung

There is no doubt that women are stepping up their game in the workforce and in society. In fact, women are on track to form a chain that will be greater than the world has ever known. With advancements in technology, women are now able to work together and have more opportunities than ever before. This change is only going to continue as more women get involved in the workforce.

“One woman is a tiny divine spark in a timeless sisterhood tapestry collective; all of us are Wild Women.” – Jan Porter

In the world of sisterhood, one woman is a miniature divine spark. She is a sister who loves and helps others, and through her love, she drives her fellow sisters to be even more Divine. These Wild Women are a force to be reckoned with, and their Tapestry collective makes everyone feel at one with each other.

“My sister has been there for me through everything.” - Brad Goreski

Your sister is your best friend, family member, and support system. She has been there for you through everything – from your first dates to your worst days. She is always there for a hug or a laugh, and she has been there for you when you have needed her the most. You owe it to her to keep in touch, and make sure that she knows how much you care about her.

“We’re connected, as women. It’s like a spiderweb. If one part of that web vibrates, if there’s trouble, we all know it, but most of the time we’re just too scared, or selfish, or insecure to help. But if we don’t help each other, who will?” – Sarah Addison Allen

This quote has been used to describe how women are connected as sisters, mothers, and friends.

“I felt like I was being carried over the threshold of a sisterhood of loss. I knew I was not walking alone, and that eventually I would bob back up to the surface of the deep, because the women around me showed me what healing looks like.” – Anna White

The quote tells about a sisterhood of loss, which helps members process their losses. The author describes how the sisterhood helped her find healing after she lost her sister.

“Sisterhood is powerful. Women can support each other as women, in their pursuit for enlightenment or anything else, without fear.” – Frederick Lenz

The sisterhood is one of the most powerful entities in women's lives. It can provide a support network and support system for women in their pursuit of enlightenment or anything else. The power of sisterhood can be felt both physically and spiritually. Each sister can bring her own strengths to the table and create a strong bond.

“Sisterhood is important because we are all we have to stand on. We have to stand near and by each other, pray for one another, and share the joys and the difficulties that women face in the world today. If we don’t talk about it among ourselves, then we are made silent by the patriarchy, and that serves us no purpose.” – Ntozake Shange

Sisterhood is one of the most important things women have in their lives. Sisters together share experiences and help each other through thick and thin. We are all we have to stand on, and it is through sisterhood that we can grow and learn. The patriarchy puts a lot of stress on women, and sisters help us through our struggles. We should talk about sisterhood and how it can help us grow into our best selves.

“Hallie and I… were all there was. The image in the mirror proves you are still here. We had exactly one sister apiece. We grew up knowing the simple arithmetic of scarcity: A sister is more precious than an eye.” – Barbara Kingsolver

When it comes to family, sisters are more precious than eyes. They provide emotional support, shared memories, and a sense of safety. Sisters can be a lifesaver when it comes to filling a family vacuum.

“A sister is like yourself in a different movie, a movie that stars you in a different life.” - Deborah Tannen

You are like a sister in a different movie, the movie that stars you in a different life. You have similar interests and memories, but you are also unique. sisterhood is something that is felt by many people, regardless of what their background may be. It is an important bond we form with one another and it can help us through tough times.

“The female warrior knows how to fight without violence. She knows when not to raise her sword, but instead hold up her heart. Her shield is not a defense against others but a shelter for all.” – Riitta Klint

The female warrior knows how to fight without violence. She knows when not to raise her sword, but instead hold up her heart. Her shield is not a defense against others but a shelter for all. This allows her to focus on the task at hand and not worry about what may come next. The female warrior is a force to be reckoned with and should not be underestimated.

“A sister is a dearest friend, a closest enemy, and an angel at the time of need.” – Debasish Mridha

Sisters are important to us, and we appreciate their support. They can be our dearest friends, or our closest enemies when it comes to need. They are also Angels at the time of need.

“No matter where we are, we’ll always share the same sky. We can always find each other in the same constellation.” – Roshani Chokshi

Every day, we share the same sky. Whether we're in a city or out in nature, we can always find each other in the constellation of our birth. The sky is a place where we can connect with each other and share stories. No matter where we are, we'll always have the same stars shining down on us.

“Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.” – Margaret Mead

Most families have one or more siblings, who are usually the most competitive relationships within the family. Once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship in the family. This is because they share a lot of their developmental experiences and grow together.

“We didn’t want to admit it then, but we were friends. Best friends.” – Shannon Celebi

The sisters have been best friends since they were children. They always seem to know what each other is thinking, and they are always there for each other when things get tough. They don’t want to admit it now, but they were friends before they were sisters.

“No matter what, they always had each other. How did people get through life without sisters?”  – Michelle Madow

Sisters are a vital part of any family, but for some people, they can be tough to come by. In some cases, sisters may never meet each other in person without the need for a sisterly bond. But in spite of the challenges, sisters always have each other. They are there for each other when things get tough, and they are always there to support one another through thick and thin.

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” – Madeleine Albright

There is a special place of torment for women who do not help other women.

“You are blood. You are sisters. No man can break that bond.” – Kim Boykin

There is no man who can break the bond of sisters. No matter what he does, he will never be able to change the relationship that has been created between sisters. The sisters are always there for one another and will always be there for one another. No man can take that away.

“We can have unity in diversity and diversity in unity. We don’t have to be like one another to enjoy sisterhood.” – Barbara W. Winder

Sisterhood is a term that has been used for centuries to describe the relationship between women. Sisterhood can be found in many different forms, but it is most commonly found when two women are together to share a common interest or goal. It is important to remember that sisterhood does not have to be based on an agreement about how things should be done or how people should look. Rather, sisterhood can be based on shared values and interests.

“Maybe we tried so hard to be like the Sisterhood because it was easy for them and we wanted it to be easy for us. Because they were lucky and we wanted to be lucky too. They had wonder, and we didn’t have any. We looked for the magic, but we didn’t find it. We waited for the magic, but it didn’t find us.” – Ann Brashares

Sisters have been known to have a certain power over those around them. They can often provide comfort and hope in difficult times. But when it comes to our own individual struggles, we can be left feeling alone and lost. What made the sisters lucky was their ability to find their magic and use it for good, while we were not so fortunate. We longed for the same thing, but we did not find it. We waited for the magic, but it never came.

“A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves a special kind of double.” – Toni Morrison

Sisters are a special kind of double. They both see themselves as individuals, yet they also understand each other's feelings and thoughts. They are a powerful force in our lives and can help us find our self-identity.

“You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you.” – George R.R. Martin

Your sister is the one person who can always bring a smile to your face, and she's the one person you can always count on. She's your best friend, and you rely on her for everything. Whether you're fighting or just trying to get through each day, she'll be there for you.

“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.” – Isadora James

Sisters are a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, and a golden thread to the meaning of life. Sisters are amazing companions who can provide comfort, support, and wisdom when needed. They also teach children about family, Friendship, and the value of being kind. Sisters make an incredible impact on the lives of their siblings and friends as well.

“I told my sister how much I loved her every day. That’s the only reason I’m OK right now.” - Amaury Nolasco

These words have been a solace to her during difficult times and provide insight into the thoughts and feelings of a deeply loved sister.

“I think women are amazing and women’s friendships are like a sisterhood and we should see more of it in television and film.” – Laurie Holden

There's no doubt that women are amazing and they have a lot to offer in the world. However, there is a lack of portrayals of female friendships in the media and it's important that we see more of them. Friendships are incredibly beneficial to both parties involved and should be more often featured in television and film.

“Sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, and even your shrink. Some days, she’s the reason you wish you were an only child.” – Barbara Alpert

Sister is the one person who understands you better than anyone else. She has seen everything in your life, and knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of your parents' love. She has been through the heartbreak and happiness of growing up, and knows what it's like to have someone care for her. When you are down, she is there to pick you up, no matter how big or small the challenge. In short, Sister is a special Someone!

“Storm Sister–a friend who sticks close when storms hit her friend’s life.” – Afton Rorvik

Storm Sister has helped her through some of the roughest times and she is grateful for her friendship.

“There is a power to sisterhood.” - Ivory

Sistership is a powerful force. It can pull people together and make them feel like they have a home. It can help sisters work through their differences and learn to empathize with each other. Sisterhood can be a positive force in our lives, whether we realize it or not.

“Helping one another is part of the religion of our sisterhood.” – Louisa May Alcott

We all know that religion is a personal thing, and that each one of us has our own way of looking at the world. However, we also know that our sisterhood is a powerful force for good in the world. So, when we see people struggling or just not feeling satisfied in their lives, it tugs at our hearts to help them out.

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