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Condolences Quotes And Messages + Their Meanings/Explanations

Condolences Quotes and Messages is a phrase that encompasses a collection of heartfelt sentiments and expressions of sympathy that are conveyed to someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. These quotes and messages serve as a way to communicate compassion, empathy, and support during a difficult time.

They offer solace and words of comfort to help console and uplift those who are grieving. Whether it is a simple message of condolences or a thoughtful quote that reflects upon the beauty of life and the memories shared, these words aim to provide healing and show that one is not alone in their sorrow.

Below are various condolences quotes and messages with their meanings/explanations;

Condolences Quotes And Messages + Their Meanings/Explanations

”It is the will of God and Nature that these mortal bodies be laid aside, when the soul is to enter into real life; ’tis rather an embryo state, a preparation for living; a man is not completely born until he is dead: Why then should we grieve that a new child is born among the immortals?” – Benjamin Franklin

The body is a temporary home for the soul. It is only until the soul can live in a perfect world without the body that it is truly born. The body is a preparation for living, and a man is not completely born until he has shed his physical shell. The body must die in order to allow the soul to enter into real life. The body is a temporary home for the soul, and it must pass away in order to allow the soul to enter into full life.

“As you mourn your loss, remember to see the beauty of life around you and don’t sink into a hole of depression and sorrow.” – Unknown

When someone dies, it's natural to feel sadness and grief. But don't let depression take over - see the beauty of life around you and don't sink into a hole of depression and sorrow. Remember that the person who died was a part of your life, but they're not the only part of your life. There are still other people who care about you, and there's still plenty of beauty in the world to enjoy.

“Pain could be so blinding that you lose sight of all the love that is within your reach. Times of sorrow are the moments you need to allow yourself to be loved, to be cared for.” – Unknown

When pain is too great, it can blind us to all the love that is right in front of us. But times of sorrow are also the moments we need to allow ourselves to be loved and cared for. This is why it is so important to surround ourselves with positive people who will support us during our tough times.

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller

We are intimately connected to the things that make us happy and content. When tragedy or hardship strikes, we often find comfort in our memories of good times. It is important to savor the good moments in life, as they will soon be gone.

“I know you are in no mood for reading all these words of sympathy. But just know that you have a friend who is equally saddened by the loss.” - Unknown

In the aftermath of a loss, friends and family offer their sympathies and support. Unfortunately, some people are not in the mood to hear them. Friends know that this is a difficult time for the victim and try to be supportive, no matter how they're feeling. However, if a friend is not in the mood to hear condolences, they should respect that and refrain from saying anything.

“Death is the most certain of all that can happen to anyone. Yet we can’t help feeling sad when someone close to us is taken. Accept my condolence!” - Unknown

Death is the most certain of all that can happen to anyone. Yet we can't help feeling sad when someone close to us is taken. Death is a natural part of life, and it's something that we all have to face one day. However, despite our feelings of sadness, we should remember that death is a part of life and that it happens to everyone. We should also remember the person who died, and our condolences go out to their loved ones.

“Today and always, may loving memories bring you peace, comfort, and strength.” – Unknown

There is no one right way to approach life. Each of us has to find what works best for us and our individual circumstances. But there are some things that, no matter what, always bring us peace, comfort, and strength. Among these are memories of loved ones who have passed away. Whether we were close to them or not, they were part of our lives.

“My heart is with you in your time of sorrow.” – Unknown

The quote is often used to show support and care for someone in their time of need. This quote is often used as a way to comfort people who are struggling, and to remind them that they are not alone. This quote can be used in many different ways, including as a way to show empathy or compassion.

Condolences Quotes And Messages + Their Meanings/Explanations

“Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity.” – Terri Guillemets

Heartstrings are never cut and they last forever. Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity. Our memories of them stay with us forever, even when they're not physically there with us. They might be in our hearts, but their presence is felt on a much deeper level.

”So say it loud and let it ring. We are all part of everything. The future, present, and the past. 

Fly on proud bird. You’re free at last.” – Charlie Daniels

The idea of free will is an inherent part of human culture and belief. It pervades our thoughts and drives our actions. It is a cornerstone of moral reasoning and religious doctrine.

“Mostly it is loss which teaches us about the worth of things.“ – Arthur Schopenhauer

Mostly it is loss that teaches us about the worth of things. Without experiencing loss, we would not know what we were missing. When something important to us is taken away, we can understand the value of that thing and appreciate it more. Loss can be a painful experience, but it can also be a valuable one.

“Tenderly, may time heal your sorrow. Gently, may your friends ease your pain. Softly, may peace replace heartaches. And my warmest memories remain.” – Unknown

This is about grieving and the importance of time. It is written with the hope that it will help those who are grieving to understand that time does heal wounds, that friends can be a source of comfort, and that peaceful memories will always be cherished.

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

The quote means that he loved the person so much that he couldn't stop thinking about her. It's a beautiful sentiment and one that can be incredibly comforting when you're missing someone. Whether you're dating or just friends with someone, this quote can remind you that they're always in your thoughts.

”Ten long trips around the sun since I last saw that smile, but only joy and thankfulness that on a tiny world in the vastness, for a couple of moments in the immensity of time, we were one.“ – Ann Druyan

Each time he returns, it seems like his joy and gratitude are a little bit less. But, on a tiny world in the vastness of space, for a couple of moments in the immensity of time, they were one.

“If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.” – James O’Barr

People who have been through a loss often tell themselves that they will never love again as strongly as they did before their loved one was taken away. But in reality, if the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Each time we think about them or miss them, we plant a seed of love that will grow over time.

“The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one.” – Seneca

Friendships can last for a lifetime and provide immense support. They can also be incredibly comforting when times are tough. Whether it's sharing a laugh or just listening, friends are there for each other unconditionally. Even when things change and the friendship ends, the memories will stay with each person.

”I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.” – Leo Buscaglia

Life often seems difficult and unfair. But in the face of death, love is incredibly powerful. When a loved one dies, their memories continue to live on in our hearts. Their love leaves an indelible imprint on our memories and we find comfort in knowing that they are still with us, participating in every act, thought and decision we make.

Condolences Quotes And Messages + Their Meanings/Explanations

”When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” – Kahlil Gibran

When you are sorrowful, it is natural to look to the outside world for comfort. But what if the sorrow is based on something that has been lost or something that no longer exists? This is a common experience for some people when they lose a loved one. Sorrow often stems from things we used to enjoy, and when these things are taken away, we feel a sense of loss.

“At this difficult time in your life, we pray that God will grant you the peace that you need to get through this. Sincere condolences!” – Unknown

It is no secret that times can be difficult when a loved one dies. Grief and loss are natural feelings that everyone experiences in different ways. However, what may be even harder is the process of grieving in a society that does not always understand or support it. In today's society, death is often seen as an interruption in life rather than a conclusion to it. This can make the grieving process even more difficult.

”Bear and endure: This sorrow will one day prove to be for your good.” – Ovid

The great thing about life is that it always has the potential to get better. It's easy to get down when things are tough, but it's important to remember that hardships will one day lead to happiness. That's why it's important to keep your chin up and be resilient during tough times. Even if you don't feel like it, try to bear your sorrow and remember that it will eventually lead to a better future.

“When there are no words to say, but know that I’m always here for you.” – Danielle Duckery

When something bad happens in life, sometimes all we can do is sit and hug each other tight and tell each other how much we love one another.

“May the memories of your loved one give you strength in the days that lie ahead.” - Unknown

It can be hard to face the future when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. The memories of that person can give you strength in the days ahead. Remember the good times you shared and don't dwell on the bad. This will help you to cope better and move forward with your life.

”While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.” – John Taylor

His death has opened up a new chapter in their lives, as they have been given an opportunity to learn more about his life and teachings.

“Sorrow is so easy to express and yet so hard to tell.” - Joni Mitchell

Sorrow is so easy to express and yet so hard to tell. It seems like the words just keep spilling out, but in the end, all that comes out are tears. The pain is so real, but it's also difficult to explain. We often feel like we need to keep our sadness bottled up, like it will make the hurt worse if we let it go. But in the end, expressing our sorrow can help us heal.

“Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.” – Renee Wood

Every day, we are faced with the immense challenge of honoring the lives of those who have passed on. We must remember them and honor their memory by living our lives to the fullest. Our loved ones lived lives full of meaning and purpose, and it is our responsibility to remember that. They were a blessing and a treasure to us, and we should never forget that.

“Dark days seem like they never end, but they are just like any other day. The clouds will clear up, you will find reasons to cheer up, the birds will sing again, so hold on.” – Unknown

The sky is gray, and the wind is cold. It doesn't seem like it could get any worse, but then again, every day feels like a dark one. Yet, despite the clouds, there are moments of light and happiness that make up our lives. So hold on - things will eventually get better.

“If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger.” – Emily Brontë

If any being on Earth were to disappear, it would not make much of a difference. If one were to think about it, the Earth and all that is on it has come and gone countless times throughout the eons. The universe, however, is a very different story. If one were to imagine an infinitely large space with nothing in it but darkness, then suddenly one small speck of light appeared and grew until it consumed the entire universe.

“When you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know.” – Unknown

You learn to cherish the time you have with them and realize that they were always there for you. It's hard to go on, but it's amazing how much progress you can make in such a short amount of time.

”Because God is never cruel, there is a reason for all things. […] The terrible pain of loss teaches humility to our prideful kind, has the power to soften uncaring hearts, to make a better person of a good one.“ – Dean Koontz

Through the trials and losses of life, we learn to appreciate the good times more and to understand that because God is never cruel, there is a reason for all things. We see this lesson demonstrated time and time again in our lives, as pain teaches us humility and leads us to do things we may have never thought possible.

”How very softly you tiptoed into our world, almost silently, only a moment you stayed. But what an imprint your footsteps have left upon our hearts.” – Dorothy Ferguson

Dorothy provides a poignant insight into the lasting impact this brief encounter had on both the individuals involved and their hearts.

”My [mom/nana] is a never-ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words, but I always remember the tune.” – Graycie Harmon

Her mom and grandma are the most important people in her life. They've been through a lot with her, and she wouldn't be where she is without them. She may sometimes forget the words, but she always remembers the tune.

”Deep grief sometimes is almost like a specific location, a coordinate on a map of time. When you are standing in that forest of sorrow, you cannot imagine that you could ever find your way to a better place. But if someone can assure you that they themselves have stood in that same place, and now have moved on, sometimes this will bring hope.“ – Elizabeth Gilbert

People experience deep grief in different ways, but for many, it feels like a specific location in time. This is especially true if the bereaved has lost a loved one suddenly or unexpectedly. Grieving can be an overwhelming experience, full of darkness and despair. But for some people, this forest of sorrow is a destination they know they can find their way to. They may even find comfort there.

”The darker the night, the brighter the stars, the deeper the grief, the closer is God!“ – Fyodor Dostoyevsk

The night is a time for Rest and contemplation. It is also a time for reflection on the things we take for granted during the day. For some people, the night can be a time of grief. Grieving can be hard, but it can also be very therapeutic. When we are grieving, we are closer to God. We are able to let go of some of our pain and anguish and find comfort in His Presence.

“And we wept that one so lovely should have a life so brief.” -William Cullen Bryant

In the blink of an eye, a life can be taken away. For some, this is a reality they face every day. For others, it is a heartbreaking event that affects them deeply. Regardless of the circumstance, one thing is for sure: when a life ends too soon, it leaves behind families and loved ones in pain.

”Truly, it is in darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest of all to us.” – Meister Eckhart

The darkness of sorrow is a time when we are most vulnerable to the light of truth. It is then that we can see things most clearly and understand the lessons that have been taught to us. When we are in sorrow, it is best to turn to those who know us best and allow them to help us through our pain. They will be there with gentle words and caring gestures, guiding us toward a brighter tomorrow.

“In the night of death, hope sees a star, and listening love can hear the rustle of a wing.” – Robert Ingersoll

The night of death is a time of transition. For some, it is the end of an era; for others, it is the beginning of a new one. For those who are grieving, it can be a difficult time. However, for some people, death brings hope.

“Words will not wipe away your tears and hugs may not ease the pain, but hold onto your memories because forever they will remain.” – Unknown

When you lose a loved one, the pain is unbearable. The memories of them will always stay with you. Sometimes words can't express the depth of your sadness, and physical contact can only make it worse. However, holding onto those memories is vitally important in order to keep going. No matter how painful it may be, things will eventually get better. Just hold on to those memories and never forget what they meant to you.

“If the future seems overwhelming, remember that it comes one moment at a time.” – Beth Mende Conny

Looking into the future can be daunting, but it's important to remember that one moment at a time is all we have. Just take some small steps towards your goals and things will start to fall into place. There is no need to worry about everything at once; just focus on one step at a time and you'll make progress.

“Those we have held in our arms for a short while we hold in our hearts forever.”  - Unknown

There is something about the hug that feels so intimate. You may only have held this person for a few seconds, but in that time, you've shared something precious. Whether it's a quick embrace after a long day or an emotional one at a funeral, those we have held in our arms for a short while we hold in our hearts forever. From babies to grandparents, these are the people who have left an indelible mark on our lives and we will never forget them.

”Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.” – Unknown

They change us in ways we never could have imagined, and for the better. Sometimes, they're people who we meet at a defining moment in our lives- someone who helps us see things in a new light or someone who just brings laughter into our lives. Other times, they're just people we pass by every day but somehow manage to sneak their way into our hearts.

“When you find yourself weeping for what you have lost, remember that you are weeping for someone who blessed you with joy. How lucky we are to have all known such a wonderful person.” – Unknown

It is natural to grieve for the losses we experience in life. However, sometimes it is helpful to remember that the person who has passed away blessed us with joy during their lifetime. This reminder can help us to find comfort in our sorrow.

“Even if I forget everything else, I will always remember you. You were the best. You were true to me. Rest in peace!”- Unknown

The sentiment behind this quote is that no matter what else happens in life, the person who was loved and cared for will never truly forget that person. This quote is often used to express how someone feels about a past relationship or how they feel about a friend or family member.

“Our joys will be greater, our love will be deeper, our life will be fuller because we shared your moment.” – Author Unknown

No one knows what is going to happen in life. However, by documenting our experiences and sharing them with others, we can build memories and relationships that will last a lifetime. Whether it's capturing a special moment with a loved one or capturing a beautiful sunset, photography is an amazing way to document our lives and share our joys with the world.

“From the end spring new beginnings.” – Pliny the Elder

It is not easy to start over. You have to divest yourself of everything that you held dear in the past and build a new life from scratch. But for some people, this is exactly what they need to move forward and achieve their dreams.

“No person is ever truly alone. Those who live no more, whom we loved, Echo still within our thoughts, our words, our hearts”. – Richard Fife

There is something special about spending time with those we love who have passed away. It is as if they are still with us, always in our thoughts and words. The memories we have of them are never truly gone, no matter how long it has been since they left this world. We can always hear their laughter ringing through our minds, and feel their warmth surrounding us.

”The season of mourning, Like spring, summer, Fall and winter, will also pass.”- Molly Fumia

The seasons of mourning will also pass. Spring, summer, fall and winter will all come and go. Life goes on and eventually the sadness of loss will dissipate. However, in the meantime, it is important to honor the memory of those who have died by wearing clothing that reflects their personality or favorite color.

“My heartiest sympathy goes to you. Today, we mourn together as we both have lost a very special person in our lives. RIP!” - Unknown

We all know someone who is incredibly special to us. Whether it's a family member, friend, or romantic partner, they've meant the world to us. Today, we mourn their passing as they have sadly passed away. Our sympathies go out to you during this difficult time.

”He spoke well who said that graves are the footprints of angels.” – Henry Longfellow

Graves are often thought of as the footprints of angels, but this is not always the case. For many people, graves are a place to bury their loved ones and leave them behind. However, for some people, graves are a place where they can visit and pay their respects to the people who have passed away.

“In times like this you should hold on firmly to faith and hope, It might look like you have lost more than you can bear but you are stronger than this pain you feel.” – Unknown

In times like these, it can be hard to stay positive. Pain seems to be ruling our lives, and it feels like we're losing more than we can handle. But there are things that we can do to keep our spirits high and hold on to our faith. We need to remember that we are stronger than this pain and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have to keep fighting, no matter how tough things may seem.

”There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The quote, "There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart," is often used to represent the idea that relationships are never truly over. The speaker in this quote seems to be saying that even though they may not be able to see or talk to each other, they will always love each other and remain connected. This quote can be interpreted in many ways, but it speaks to the deep connections that sometimes form between people.

”A human life is a story told by God.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Every human life is a story told by God. Our lives are a part of His great plan and we are all called to be involved in it. We can choose to live for ourselves or for others, but we must always remember that our story is part of God's larger story.

”What is lovely never dies, But passes into other loveliness.” – Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Love is something that never dies. It is something that we all go through at some point in our lives and it can be a very strong emotion. Love can make us feel happy, sad, and everything in between. It is a very special thing and it always passes into other forms of love.

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.” – Ben Okri

The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, and to love. These are the qualities that define who we really are and make us unique. We can't help but be drawn to them because they are so powerful. They allow us to create something new, to overcome difficulties, to endure pain, and to transform our lives. These are the things that make us feel alive.

“May you take comfort in knowing there is one more angel above us.” - Unknown

May you take comfort in knowing that there is one more angel above us. Whether you believe in angels or not, their presence can offer a sense of calm and security during difficult times. Some believe that when we are faced with difficult challenges, it is often helpful to speak to an angel about what we are feeling. They can provide guidance and support, listening patiently and never judging.

“To lose someone you love is to alter your life forever. You don’t get over it because ‘it’ is the person you love. The pain stops, there are new people, but the gap never closes. How could it? […] This hole in my heart is in the shape of you and no-one else can fit it.“ – Jeanette Winterson

Losing someone creates an unbridgeable divide between you and them that can never be filled. That is why when someone dies, we grieve in different ways- one might be able to move on while the other stays buried beneath the weight of sadness.

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” - Thomas Campbell

When someone dies, their physical body is gone. However, their heart still remains beating and pumping blood. For some people, this is a reminder that they are never truly alone. They can always visit the memories of those who have died in their hearts. This allows them to stay connected to those who have passed away. It also helps them to feel closer to those who are living.

“A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.” -Maya Angelou

There is something special about a great soul. They never die, they bring us together again and again, and they are always there for us. A great soul never fades away, they always stand up for what's right, and they will never quit on us. They are truly amazing people that we should all aspire to be like.

”Your absence has gone through me like a thread through a needle. Everything I do is stitched with its color.“ – W.S. Merwin

It perfectly describes the feeling of missing someone. When someone is absent, it feels like everything they do is stitched with their absence. It's hard to do anything because all of your concentration is on them being away.

”Tears are God’s gift to us. Our holy water. They heal us as they flow.” – Rita Schiano

Tears have been a part of human culture and religion for centuries. They are believed to have healing properties and are often used as holy water. Tears are also an important part of communication, both personal and professional.

”Whoever you hold in the heart of you, is forever and always a part of you.” – Rossiter Raymond

Love is the most powerful force in the world. It is what keeps us together when everything else seems to fall apart. It is what makes us do the ridiculous things we do for one another, and it is what makes us want to be there for one another, no matter what. Without love, we are nothing. And, as beautiful as love can be, it can also be heart-wrenching.

“Our trials, our sorrows, and our grieves develop us.” – Orison Swett Marden

People experience different trials and sorrows in their lives. These experiences can make them stronger, wiser, and more compassionate. They can also make them more introspective.

“Wishing you strength for today and hope for tomorrow.” - Renee O’Neill

Wishing you strength and hope for today and tomorrow. Today, may you be surrounded by people who care about you and support you. May you have a positive outlook on life, despite any challenges that come your way. And may tomorrow bring happiness, love, and new opportunities.

“Sympathy does not think. It acts. It acts to remove the ceaseless sufferings of the world.” – Sri Chinmoy

When we think of sympathy, we often conjure up images of people with sad faces or comforting words. But sympathy isn't just about being expressive – it's also about taking action. Sympathy thinks about the world and its inhabitants, but it doesn't just sit around and feel bad for them. It acts to remove the ceaseless sufferings of the world.

“May angels lead you in.” -Jimmy Eat World

Angels are often thought of as benevolent creatures who lead good lives. However, for some people, angels can be a source of comfort and guidance when it comes to tough times. Whether you're going through a difficult divorce or experiencing a personal tragedy, angels may be able to help you through it.

“Don’t let go of the memories, death is not the end of your happiness. You can still take so much pleasure in the memories you made with them while they were alive.” – Unknown

When a loved one dies, it's natural to feel sadness and mourning. However, there are many ways to find happiness in the memories you made with that person while they were alive. By keeping those memories alive, you can take pleasure in them and appreciate all the good times you shared together.

”Don’t be ashamed to weep; ’tis right to grieve. Tears are only water, and flowers, trees, and fruit cannot grow without water. But there must be sunlight also. A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones are sealed inside to comfort us.“–  Brian Jacques

Weeping is something that many of us don't like to do, but it is a natural response to sadness. Tears are only water and flowers, trees, and fruit can't grow without water. But there must be sunlight also for them to grow. A wounded heart will heal in time, and we should not be ashamed to grieve.

“During this sorrowful moment, I am at a loss of words. You are in my thoughts and prayers praying for you to find comfort and peace.”- Unknown

This quote speaks to the idea that we all experience sorrow at different times and that there is no single way to find comfort in those moments. We can all connect with this quote in our own way and find strength in it.

”If we never experience the chill of a dark winter, it is very unlikely that we will ever cherish the warmth of a bright summer’s day. Nothing stimulates our appetite for the simple joys of life more than the starvation caused by sadness or desperation. In order to complete our amazing life journey successfully, it is vital that we turn each and every dark tear into a pearl of wisdom, and find the blessing in every curse.“ – Anthon St. Maarten

We all need to experience the chill of a dark winter in order to appreciate the warmth of a bright summer day. This is because cold weather brings out the natural hunger in us, prompting us to seek out simple pleasures in life. When we are deprived of these pleasures, we become desensitized and may not enjoy them as much when they do occur.

“Remember me and smile, for it’s better to forget than to remember me and cry.” - Dr. Seuss

For many people, the thought of remembering someone brings sadness. But for others, the memory of that person is something to be cherished. The way a person remembers someone can be affected by how they feel about that person at the time of their death. It's important to remember loved ones in a positive way, because it can make life easier when they're no longer with us.

“We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.“ – Cassandra Clare

Losses can only happen when we forget who we are. When we love and cherish our memories, we keep our families close to our hearts and never lose them completely.

“Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.” – Emily Dickinson

Love is an emotion that can never die. It is a force that binds people together and makes them feel connected to one another. It gives people hope and makes them believe that there is something greater than themselves out there. Love is truly immortality.

”Grief is the price we pay for love.” – Queen Elizabeth II

Love is a powerful emotion that can often bring people happiness. However, love can also be responsible for causing immense grief in the event that it is not reciprocated. Grief is the price we pay for love and can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Some people may experience intense sadness, while others may feel anger or jealousy. Regardless of the form it takes, grief cannot be ignored and should be dealt with therapeutically as soon as possible.

“I am so saddened that you are no more; you were a blessing to us. RIP.” – Unknown

This woman reflected on their time spent together and how sad it was that the friend would no longer be around. The phrase shows how important friendship can be and how much one can cherish the moments one spends with someone.

“Grant but memory to us and we lose nothing by death.” - John G. Whittier

Granting someone's memory eternal life by death does not deprive them of anything. Their loved ones can still remember them, and their memories can last forever. Death only takes away the pain of losing someone, and lets them move on to a better place.

”I know now that we never get over great losses; we absorb them, and they carve us into different, often kinder, creatures.“ – Gail Caldwell

They carve us into different, often kinder creatures who are more understanding and compassionate, but they always linger in the back of our minds. It's like a wound that never heals, but we learn to live with it and move on.

“May the soul of the dearly departed rest in peace, may my prayers help guide her on her journey to our Creator.”- Unknown

The death of a loved one is something that we all go through in life. It is a difficult experience that can change our lives forever. The death of a loved one can also be a time of great sorrow. We may feel the need to find closure and to honor the memory of our loved one.

“When one person is missing the whole world seems empty.” – Pat Schweibert

Missing someone can be a very difficult experience, especially if that person is a family member or close friend. The feeling of emptiness can be overwhelming and can make everyday tasks seem much more difficult. People may find it difficult to concentrate on anything and may feel like they can't do anything by themselves.

“When the heart grieves over what it has lost, the spirit rejoices over what it has left.” – Sufi Epigram

The grieving process is a natural occurrence that is essential for growth. Grieving allows us to process our feelings and come to terms with the losses we have experienced. It allows us to connect with our emotions and develop a better understanding of ourselves. Mourning is the time when we allow our hearts to be full of sadness, but also joy. It is during this time that we learn to appreciate the things we have left behind and the moments we spent with those who have passed away.

”The Remembrance of the good done those we have loved is the only consolation when we have lost them.” – Demoustier

When one loses a loved one, the pain is unbearable. There is nothing that can make it better. However, there is one consolation that can sometimes help: remembering the good done by the loved one. This remembrance can be a comfort to the grieving person because it reminds them of all the good times they shared with their loved ones.

”We should feel sorrow, but not sink under its oppression.” – Confucius

Despite the many challenges faced by people of color in the United States, it is important to maintain a positive attitude and recognize that progress has been made. We should also be mindful of the fact that systemic racism has not disappeared and must be fought on multiple fronts.

”For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.” – William Penn

The concept of death being nothing more than a "turning over from time to eternity" can be daunting for some, but it should not be. Death is the end of one chapter in our life and the beginning of another. It is a natural process that happens to everyone. We should not be afraid of it, but embrace it as part of our journey.

“There are no words. While you have joy knowing where your love is in a better place, there is sadness in the loss and grief. You are in our prayers.” – Catherine Pulsifer

When we lose someone, especially a loved one, the pain is unbearable. There are no words to describe the emptiness that fills our hearts and minds. We long to have them back and yet know that they're in a better place. We celebrate their life and mourn their death at the same time. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim during this difficult time.

“Memories are the one place we can visit those we’ve lost. Since memories are portable, we can take our lost loved ones with us anywhere at any time.” - Unknown

When we lose a loved one, memories are the one place they can always be with us. Memories are portable and can be taken with us anywhere we go, so they're a great way to keep our loved ones close even when they're not physically with us. Memories can help us deal with our grief in a healthy way, and they can be a source of comfort to us during difficult times.

“He, who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man” – Antoine De Saint Exupery

As we grow older, we come to realize that life is fleeting and that everything we do, no matter how important it may seem at the time, will one day be forgotten. But even though our memories of those who have passed away fade with time, their memories continue to live on in our hearts. Those who have died leave behind a legacy that lasts longer than anything they could have ever done in life. They are never truly gone, and their memory remains with us forever.

”Say not in grief ‘he is no more’ but in thankfulness that he was.” – Hebrew Proverb

When someone we love dies, there is often an overwhelming sense of grief. But there is also a deep appreciation for the life they led and the memories they left behind. Grieving is natural and necessary, but it is also important to remember the good times.

“Never feel ashamed that you spend the whole day in tears, you can be strong only after you have felt the pain inside your heart. Death feels like a stab wound in your heart.” – Unknown

When you lose someone you love, the pain never really goes away. The memories of them always stay with you, no matter how hard you try to forget them. It's natural to feel overwhelmed by the pain and sadness that comes with the loss. But it's important to know that you're not alone in your feelings. Many people experience the same emotions after a loved one dies. And even though it might feel like everything is broken, you can still be strong.

“The absence of the other person who used to be there beside you obliterates your presence. Everything in the room, even the stars in the sky can disappear in a second, changing one scene for another, just like a dream.” - Hwang Sok-Yong

When one person dies, their absence is felt in many ways. Some might find it difficult to concentrate on anything else, while others may feel a sense of emptiness. These reactions are common and natural, but they can also be incredibly painful. Loss can change the way a person looks at the world, making them view everything in a new light. It can be difficult to adjust to this change, but it is important to do so if the person wants to move on from the death.

”Pain is certain, suffering is optional.” – Buddha

Pain is a certain experience. It's inevitable, it's physical, and it's always there. Suffering, on the other hand, is optional. You can't avoid pain, but you can choose how to deal with it. You can choose to grit your teeth and bear it, or you can choose to find relief. The choice is yours.

”We must embrace our pain and burn it as a fuel for our journey.” – Kenji Miyazawa

Pain is a part of life. It is something that we must embrace and burn as a fuel for our journey. We cannot run away from it or avoid it. We must face it head on and learn to use it as a tool for growth. There are many ways to deal with pain, and the most important thing is to find what works best for you. There are times when we need to cry, and times when we need to be angry.

“May God give you strength. My deepest condolences on your loss.” - Unknown

May God give you strength as you mourn the loss of a loved one. Grieve in peace and know that they are now at peace. Know that they are with God and that He will comfort you during this time.

“They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies.” – William Penn

Love is one of the most powerful things that humans can feel. It can make people happy and it can also make people very sad. This is especially true when love is between two people. Sometimes, love can be so strong that it can resist death.


”After a loved one passes, be encouraged by their passing and legacy. Instead of crying, live an inspired, spiritual and happy life like they did when they were here. Live each day with encouragement knowing that they are proud and smiling down on you from Heaven” – Matt Fraser

Death is a natural part of life, but when a loved one dies, it can be devastating. However, the grief process doesn't have to be a dark and depressing journey. Instead, look to their passing and legacy as an opportunity to live an inspired, spiritual and happy life. Their death should be a reminder to live each day with encouragement, because that's what they would want for you.

”As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

When a person has lived a life in accordance with their values and goals, they will be happy in the afterlife. This is because they will have fulfilled their dreams and aspirations. Conversely, if a person has lived a life of neglect or self-destruction, they will be unhappy in the afterlife.

”Had I not loved so much I would not hurt so much. I will hurt. And I will be grateful for that hurt for it bears witness to the depth of our meaning. And for that I will be eternally grateful.” – Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The pain of loss is something that we all experience at some point in our lives. It can be a difficult feeling to deal with, but it can also be a reminder of the depth of our meaning in life. For some people, the pain of loss can be so immense that it becomes their source of strength and motivation. These people are grateful for the hurt that they feel, because it shows how deeply they care about others and their own life.

“No person is ever truly alone. Those who live no more, whom we loved, Echo still within our thoughts, our words, our hearts.” – Unknown

There is a sense of loneliness that accompanies death, but it is not true isolation. In fact, those who have died remain a part of our lives in ways we never imagined. No person is ever truly alone, as those who have passed remain with us in our thoughts, words, and hearts.

“Do not think of me as gone. I am with you still in each new dawn.” – Native American Poem

In the moments before she passed away, her daughter told her that she loved her and thought of her always. In the weeks and months that followed, friends, family, and strangers sent flowers and cards with words of love and support.

“Crying will surely not bring them back but it would help you through the grief because you can never truly forget the ones you love. You can however cry yourself back to joy.” – Unknown

When something tragic happens, the pain and heartache can be unbearable. But if you keep your composure and remember the good times you shared with the people who have passed away, you may find some comfort in knowing that they are still with you in spirit. Crying is a natural way to express your feelings and it can help you cope with grief.

”You don’t get over it, you just get through it. You don’t get by it, because you can’t get around it. It doesn’t ‘get better’; it just gets different. Everyday grief puts on a new face.” – Wendy Feireisen

Today we face a world that is constantly changing. We are surrounded by technology and people who are always moving forward. It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing trends and expectations. When something tragic happens in our lives, it can feel like the world is against us. Grief is a natural reaction to loss, but it can be difficult to get through.

“Accept my condolence for your loss. May God help you get through this difficult time.” - Unknown

When we lose someone, it can be hard to cope. It is especially difficult if the person is a loved one. In these times, it is important to receive and accept condolences from those who are close to us. This can help us get through this difficult time.

“Sorrow is a fruit. God does not make it grow on limbs too weak to bear it.” – Victor Hugo

In the season of sadness, it can be easy to forget that God is with us through everything. But as we mourn the losses we experience, we must remember that God is there with us - even when we feel like our burdens are too heavy to carry. Mourning is a process, and as we go through it, we should remember that there are many stages of grieving - and that each one is valid.

“Our condolences to you and your family on the passing of your aunt. May our friendship and prayers ease you through this difficult time.”- Unknown

The sentiment is touching and shows that the person sending the message really cares about the person receiving it.

”Listen to God with a broken heart. He is not only the doctor who mends it but also the father who wipes away the tears.” – Criss Jami

If you're like most people, your heart is often in a constant state of flux. You feel one way one moment and completely different the next. It's tough to stay connected to God when your emotions are all over the map. But that's exactly what he wants from us. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open up to him, he can help us navigate through our tough times.

”A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.” – Maya Angelou

People often think of great souls as those who have done something extraordinary, such as being an incredible athlete or artist. However, there are also great souls who never stop serving others. They are always looking out for others and trying to make the world a better place. These people are truly amazing and deserve our admiration.

“Very few people can fit into your shoes. You were a blessing to many people. Rest in peace!” – Unknown

This quote is said by the person who passed away. They were a kind and compassionate person, and will be missed by many.

“There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief.” –Aeschylus

The pain of grieving is often overwhelming. However, there is no greater pain than the memory of joy in present grief. Grieving can be a process of healing and moving on, but it can also be a time of great sadness and emptiness. When we remember the happy moments we shared with someone who has died, it helps us to cope with our loss.

”Earth hath no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.” – Thomas Moo

There are some things in life that are just too hard to bear, and no amount of prayer or hope can make them better. For some people, this is the case with the death of a loved one. For others, it's the loss of a job or home. But regardless of the circumstance, one thing is for sure: Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.

“It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.” – Henry Rollins

It's hard to let go of someone we've known for a long time. It's especially hard when that person changes in ways we didn't expect. This can be frustrating and sad, but it's also a reminder that life goes on.

”When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. “ – Unknown

There is something about memories that makes them so special. When we think of someone we love, the images and feelings that come to mind are some of the most cherished moments of our lives. Memories can take on a life of their own, becoming treasures that we cherish even years after they've been forgotten. For some people, those memories become so precious that they'll never let them go.

“You might be wondering why they had to go, You want them back with you and this is very understandable. Be willing to stand back while they continue on this new journey after life.” – Unknown

The death of a loved one is never easy, but it can be especially difficult when they are taken away from you suddenly and without warning. This is the situation that many people find themselves in when their partner dies suddenly. It's natural to want them back with you, to hold them again and to continue the life that they were living before they died.

”Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

In the aftermath of a loss, it can be hard to find the motivation to keep living. But one way to cope is by honoring the memories of loved ones who have passed away. This can be done through writing, photography, or any other means of expressing gratitude. Grateful memories help survivors feel connected to their loved ones and lessen the pain of a loss.

“Once upon a memory someone wiped away a tear, held me close and loved me, Thank you, dear.” – Author Unknown

This quote means that even though a person can't remember everything, they still have memories that mean something to them. These memories can be shared with others and can create strong connections between people.

”However long the night, the dawn will break.” – African Proverb

There are moments when time seems to stand still. When you're in the middle of the most intense moment of your life and all of a sudden, it's over. Sometimes, those moments last forever. Other times they're fleeting, like a firefly caught in the web of your fingers. But no matter how long they last, eventually the night will give way to the dawn.

”No matter how prepared you think you are for the death of a loved one, it still comes as a shock, and it still hurts very deeply.” – Billy Graham

It is natural to experience a range of emotions after the death of a loved one- from numbness to intense grief. This article will explore some common reactions and offer tips on how to cope.

“There is something terribly morbid in the modern sympathy with pain. One should sympathise with the colour, the beauty, the joy of life. The less said about life’s sores the better.” – Oscar Wilde

Pain is inevitable in life. It's a part of being human. However, there is something terribly morbid in the modern sympathy with pain. One should sympathise with the colour, the beauty, the joy of life. The less said about life's sores, the better.

“Please accept my heartfelt condolences, words cannot begin to express the sadness you are feeling right now, God rest his soul.” – Unknown

When someone we love dies, it can be incredibly difficult to process the loss. Our hearts are heavy with sadness, and there's nothing we can do to bring them back. While words can't possibly express how we feel, we hope that by sharing our condolences, we can offer some comfort to those grieving.

“I never knew how painful it is to lose someone until death took you away from me. RIP, my dear!” – Unknown

Life without the love of a person you care for is unimaginable. Unfortunately, this is often what happens to those who have lost someone they love. Death strips away the pain and replaces it with an emptiness that can never be filled.

“Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It is the price of love.” – Unknown

Many people believe that grief is a sign of weakness. This is not only untrue, but can actually be harmful to the grieving person. Grief is a natural response to loss, and should not be taken lightly. It is the price of love, and should be honored and respected. Grieving is a process, not a destination. There is no right or wrong way to mourn, and everyone experiences grief differently.

“You don’t go around grieving all the time, but the grief is still there and always will be.” – Nigella Lawson

In many ways, grieving is something that we go through on a regular basis. We may feel upset for a short period of time after a loved one dies, but we don't typically go around grieving all the time. However, the grief is still there and always will be. There are different ways to cope with grief, and it's important to find what works best for you.

“There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, the light remains.” - Unknown

Every day, people bring a light to the world that often goes unnoticed. These individuals may be teachers, doctors, or mechanics, but what they all have in common is that they share their knowledge and experience with others in order to make a difference. Some of these people are well-known and loved by many; others remain relatively unknown but continue to make an impact on those around them. Regardless of fame or obscurity, these individuals have left behind a lasting legacy of kindness and love.

“Learn to see the gift in the adversity. By doing this you will begin to find true peace in your struggle.“ – Stacey Urrutia

In our society, it is often easy to overlook the blessings of our hardships. Sometimes we look for the negative and dwell on the problems we are experiencing. If you can learn to see the gift in the adversity, you will begin to find true peace in your struggle. This is not to say that everything will be easy and that you will never face struggles again, but when you view your difficulties as opportunities to grow stronger, you will be able to overcome them much more easily.

“Only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footprints have left on our hearts.” – Dorothy Ferguson

A moment shared between two people can stay with them for the rest of their lives- and that is exactly what happened when a simple handshake turned into a loving embrace. A photograph captures only a fraction of that moment, but the imprint it leaves on one's heart is just as powerful.

“Those who weep recover more quickly than those who smile.” – Jean Giraudoux

Smiling has been shown to be linked with better mental health, but research suggests that those who weep recover more quickly than those who smile. A study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that people who weep are more likely to report feeling more positive emotions and less depressed over the next day than those who don’t weep. The researchers suggest that weeping may help people deal with negative emotions, foster social connections, and provide relief from stress.

“The pain I feel now is the happiness I had before. That’s the deal.” - C.S. Lewis

The pain is temporary, while the happiness lasts. You can't control how bad things will get in life, but you can control how you react to them. Appreciate the good moments while they last because they won't last forever. Let go of what doesn't matter and concentrate on what does. Life is full of hardships and pain, but it's also full of love and happiness.

“A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts, through us, they live on. My condolences.”- Unknown

In the moments after someone dies, family and friends usually console each other with words of comfort. But for some, those words only feel incomplete. They long to express their condolences to the departed person, but know that they will never have the chance.

“That though the radiance which was once so bright be now forever taken from my sight. Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass, glory in the flower. We will grieve not; rather find strength in what remains behind.” – William Wordsworth

Though the radiance that once shone so brightly in the grass and flowers is now gone forever, we will not grieve. It was a time of glory and beauty, and we will remember it fondly.

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